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Galena, Illinois Shamrock Tour®

September/October 2021

Galena, Illinois Shamrock Tour®

We woke to clouds and drizzling rain. We waited and studied the forecast to see if it would relent. No such luck… Marisa and I decided that — since we were riding Can-Am Spyders with wind protection comparable to a convertible—we’d hit the road despite the precipitation. Our quick theoretical aerodynamics calculations were dead on. As long as we kept the three-wheeled touring machines moving, they provided us with a dry pocket as we made our way to Kaladi’s Coffee Bar in Galena, IL. The rain broke just as we finished our coffee and walked to the Spyders. Perfect timing.
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September/October 2018

Kentucky to Idaho: Totally Eclipsed

I look for excuses to ride. Are we out of milk? I’ll be right back! Have you heard about the new breakfast joint that serves real maple syrup? Let’s check it out this weekend! Did you know a total solar eclipse is crossing the entire country? Let’s go chase it!
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March/April 2018

Nebraska to Illinois: In the Tire Tracks of a Pioneer Part 4

Surely the Midwest will be easier to cross than the Sierra Nevada, the Great Basin Desert, and the Rocky Mountains, right? For modern interstate travelers, it’s a yawn fest of endless, unchanging miles tempered only by sagging eyelids and bladders about to burst. But when George Wyman came this way, nothing about his crossing could have been described as easy and boredom was a luxury he couldn’t afford. His introduction to Nebraska was nearly fatal:
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March/April 2017

TN, KY, IL, and MO: Trail of Tears Pt 2

“Left Brainerd for the Cherokee camps … Thus we leave this place, 
perhaps never to return.” —The Journal of Rev. Daniel S. Butrick, October 4, 1839 Reverend Butrick departed from Calhoun, TN, with the Richard Taylor Detachment on the overland Northern Route. My wingman, Bob Brown, and me, however, initially follow a paved approximation of Bell’s Route west from Ross’s Landing in Chattanooga on our Indian motorcycles. Along the way to Oklahoma, we will travel segments of several Trail of Tears routes.
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Route 66 East: America’s Main Street

July/August 2015

Route 66 East: America’s Main Street

More than any other stretch of pavement, Route 66 imprinted the open road into the American psyche and helped shape the cultural fabric of the nation as the automobile came of age. The historic route can trace its origins back to 1857 when the Army Corps of Engineers began work on a wagon trail following the 35th parallel.
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