Shamrock Tour® - Hannibal, Missouri

Shamrock Tour® - Hannibal, Missouri
Designate a pivot point for the Midwest and it could surely be Hannibal, MO. Located on the Mississippi River north of St Louis, MO, and south of Quincy, IL, it's darn close to dead center. It's the bastion of Midwest "manners," a mix of Southern Baptist honesty and Midwest hospitality.

Home Port: Hannibal, Missouri

It doesn't take long to figure out who Missouri in general and Hannibal in particular have taken into their hearts: with the Mark Twain Café, Mark Twain Laundromat, Mark Twain Clinic, even a Pepsi machine with his picture on it, you begin to get the “Twain” of thought. Samuel Langhorne Clemens, better known by his pen name of Mark Twain, spent his childhood in Hannibal, where he relocated from Florida, MO at the age of four.

People come from around the world to experience this old fashioned Americana, and I dare say that few, if any, are disappointed. There's the Mark Twain Boyhood Home & Museum, that famous white fence, a museum with 15 original Rockwell paintings, a river boat, Mark Twain Cave, Lovers' Leap (with a great view of Hannibal), and Riverview Park, north of town. A definite don't miss is Richard Garey's recreation, called Mark Twain Himself at Planters Theater on Main Street. Check for times at

Most locations are within walking distance, others a few miles out of town. The town is in a classic grid design so once we knew a few key locations, everything fell into place. We found a plentiful supply of motels and B&B's, also both Mom & Pop restaurants and fast food chains on Hwy 61. Regional specialties are fried chicken, fried catfish, biscuits and gravy, and of course, lip-smacking homemade pies.