Reader Submissions

We are now accepting submissions for articles about motorcycle tours throughout the U.S. and Canada. Send us your best stories along with photographs for a chance to share your passion with the motorcycle world within the pages of RoadRUNNER.

Beartooth Highway

RoadRUNNER Submission Guidelines for Tour Editorial

  • Good writing and photography take precedence at RoadRUNNER, so don’t forget to upload 30 to 50 high-resolution photographs in jpg format at the link below.  No prints or slides will be accepted.  Properly credit the photographer(s) of the shots.
  • Photos must be original, unedited files no photoshopping!
  • Word count: 800-1000 words. Articles exceeding word count will not be considered.
  • Article text must be in MS Word format (or MS Word compatible)
  • Include a KML file (preferred) or Google My Map (not regular Google Maps) link of your tour. We can also accept GPX routes and tracks as a backup.
  • Rate your ride, on a scale of 1 to 5, (1 being the least, 5 being the best) along with a brief description (10-15 words max) of rating, for the following categories: Scenery, Historical, Traffic, Curves, Road Conditions
  • Be descriptive!  We want to know about things unique to the area that make this trip special.
  • Give us a good sense of the ride. How did you feel? What were the roads like?
  • Previously published articles and photos will not be accepted.

RoadRUNNER City Escape Submissions

We are now accepting submissions for City Escapes. If you have a great ride that can be done in a day leaving out of a major U.S. or Canadian city, this is the perfect opportunity to submit to RoadRUNNER.

  • Length: How many miles is this daylong ride?
  • Overview: In 150 words, describe the tour.
  • Lunch Stop: Recommend a place at the half-way spot or later with name, address, and website. Write one sentence what patrons can expect at the restaurant. About 45 words.
  • Points of Interest: Include 3 points of interest. Describe each with 50 words. Include physical address and website.
  • Include a KML file (preferred) or Google My Map (not regular Google Maps) link of your tour. We can also accept GPX routes and tracks as a backup.
  • Include 3 high-res photos, unedited.


$100 and RoadRUNNER T-shirt. Compensation package will be mailed out after the issue your article is published in hits newsstands. You will also receive multiple copies of the issue in which your article is featured. Compensation is subject to change without notice. We look forward to receiving your submission.


Once you have all materials including text, photos, and route all in one folder, please upload your submission here. You will receive a confirmation email of successful file transmission, and we will reach out if we are interested in publishing your story.

You must include your full contact info in the word document or we will automatically reject your submission. We need your name, email, phone, and mailing address.

RoadRUNNER Submission FAQs

Do you accept article ideas and queries?
No, we only accept unpublished, prewritten work accompanied with photos for possible consideration.

How will I know if my submission has been received?
You will receive a confirmation of receipt immediately after submitting your article. This is NOT a confirmation of acceptance, only a notification that your submission was uploaded successfully.

Do you offer status updates, critiques or feedback?
Sorry, but no.

When will I hear back about the status of my submission?
Due to the high volume of material received, we will contact you only if we plan to publish your work.

Can I submit my article to other publications?
Yes, however, if your article is published elsewhere, please notify us immediately, so that we can remove it from consideration at RoadRUNNER.

How long will my submission be considered?
We hold on to all submissions for three years for possible future consideration, unless you notify us that your submission has been picked up by another publication.

What tours are you actively seeking at this time?
US and Canadian tours are preferred.

Can I still submit an international story?
You can, but keep in mind that we only publish one to two international stories per issue and that our editorial calendar for international stories is often booked up far in advance.

Can I submit a cross-country or long-distance story?
Yes, as long as your submission still follows the guideline parameters (word count, etc).

How do I submit an article?
We only accept articles through our online submission form.

How can I increase my chances of getting published in RoadRUNNER?
While we can never guarantee your article will be published, adhering to the submission guidelines, great writing and excellent, high-resolution photographs are what we look for most. Please use the magazine as a guide for the kind of writing and photos we expect.

I noticed that your Reader Submissions are shorter than your normal tour articles. Can I submit a full-length article?
No, please submit your article according to the guidelines given. Most of our full-length tour articles are researched, planned, and done by the RoadRUNNER’s in-house contributors and staff.