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City Escapes:  Seattle, Washington

September/October 2021

City Escapes: Seattle, Washington

Take a break from the bustle of Seattle, WA, to explore the most northwesterly corner of the U.S. on the Olympic Peninsula. This route takes you on a ride along the mountainous Hurricane Ridge, through forested twisties. Before getting there, you can take some time off the highway on a short three-mile detour through Sequim on backroads that pass gorgeous lavender farms. On the way back along US 101, you even get to test your sea legs with a ride on the Bremerton Ferry.
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May/June 2020

Lewiston, Idaho Shamrock Tour®: A Three-State Odyssey

The Lewiston Shamrock Tour® promises diverse roads in a land of canyons, prairies, mountains, and forests. This rough country was settled by tough people eking out a living off the land, and they built roads through the canyons and high on the prairies. Their hard work sets the stage for this tour along some amazing roads with equally amazing history. Let’s ride!
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July/August 2018

Western Washington: Wilderness & Waves

Beauty is truth, truth beauty
—John Keats  A photo story of a 600-mile motorcycle tour of The Evergreen State.
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November/December 2017

City Escape: Spokane, Washington

Spanning two states and some of the most beautiful real estate in the nation, this Spokane, WA, City Escape is truly memorable. Best ridden in spring through fall, the route flanks the banks of miles of pristine lakes and rivers. Evergreens, water, curves, and views rule the day on this loop ride.
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July/August 2017

The Dalles, Oregon Shamrock Tour®: Exploring the Columbia River Gorge Area

The Columbia River Gorge’s breathtaking vistas owe its heritage to a series of geological cataclysms during the last ice age. A huge 2,000-foot-deep glacial lake had formed over present day Missoula, MT. The ice dam, impounding the glacial melt, gave way, sending a massive torrent of destruction down the Columbia River. Geologists believe the ice dam may have formed, reformed, and collapsed more than 40 times, violently carving out the stunning basalt-lined gorge we see today.
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