How to Find the Aliens Among Us on Two Wheels

How to Find the Aliens Among Us on Two Wheels

Sometimes you want a grander objective for a motorcycle tour than simply enjoying the open road and curves. If you’re after a truly otherworldly experience, why not hit the asphalt to look for proof of alien life?

After all, the Congress recently got the most compelling testimony to date that the U.S. government knows more about UAPs (aerial phenomena previously known as UFOs) than it lets on. Here are the highlights of the hearing:

  • David Grusch, a former intelligence official, stated the Defense Department runs an undisclosed unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) recovery program and possesses UAP crafts.
  • Grusch claimed the U.S. government has recovered “non-human biologics” from crash sites.
  • Ryan Graves, a former Navy pilot, recalled his run-in with strange “cubes” in the sky and called for more transparent reporting to help pilots prepare for such encounters.
  • David Fravor, a retired Navy commander, told Congress of his encounter with a flying Tic Tac-shaped craft in 2004 that defied most, if not all, of current technological understanding.

Does this mean the aliens are here among us right now? Not necessarily. The bizarre crafts could just be unknown foreign drones, for example.

Yet, the truth is certainly out there. If you’d like to go searching for the truth yourself, you don’t need a spacecraft—your motorcycle will do just fine.

Here are some of the best riding locations where you just might find  a close encounter of the third kind with little green men.

Visit Space Station Sedona

If you want to maximize your chances of seeing something indescribable flying in the sky, head to Sedona, AZ. This small, roughly 10,000-resident city is famed for its red rocks and outdoor activities.

But it’s also the place with the highest number of UAP/UFO sightings per capita in the U.S. The prevalence of the sightings has earned the city its nickname Space Station Sedona.

Statistically speaking, Sedona is the place to be for those looking for UFOs—and Arizona SR 89 is one of the best ways to get there.

There’s a lot to see along the road other than just Sedona, too. It goes through Prescott, a haven for Western buffs, and Jerome, a bizarre ghost town (don’t tell its 450 residents) that’s sliding down a hill.

Of course, you can’t forget about the rough and rugged yet gorgeous Arizona landscapes. What better place to see aliens—or get abducted by some?

Destination: Roswell, New Mexico | RoadRUNNER Motorcycle Touring & Travel

Destination: Roswell, NM

In June 1947, something crashed into the desert near Roswell, NM. According to the official story, it was a military balloon carrying a device that listened to the sounds of a possible Soviet nuclear attack.

Yet, many believe the thing was actually an alien spacecraft. What’s the truth? Perhaps you should ride to Roswell and try to find out for yourself.

US 285 leading to Roswell is a great ride in itself, offering plenty of open-road cruising through New Mexico’s amazing landscapes. But it’s far from the only worthwhile road in the area. Other options in the state include the Turquoise Trail and the Carlsbad Highway.

Off the saddle, you can visit the International UFO Museum or attend the annual UFO Festival in July. When it’s time to dream of small green men, Roswell Inn is a comfortable place to put your head down.

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Destination: Area 51, NV

What are they actually holding in Area 51? The thing from Roswell? James T. Kirk’s harem of alien ladies?

We can’t recommend trying to ride into Area 51—that you’ll do at your own risk. But you can ride in the general area in the Nevada desert and perhaps catch a glimpse of an extraterrestrial being that breached containment.

The Extraterrestrial Highway (SR 375/US 6) between Crystal Springs and Tonopah offers a fantastic open highway in beautiful surroundings. If you’re on an off-road capable bike, you could even take a track to catch a far-off glimpse of the Area 51 gates. Just don’t get too close or you may have a close encounter of the third kind with armed military police.

Of course, Las Vegas is also near with all of its entertainment. To spend the night among alien paraphernalia, consider booking a room at the delightfully named Little A’Le’Inn in Rachel, NV.

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Hoh Rain Forest - Olympic National Park, Washington

Most Extraterrestrial Riding Locations

Many people dream of one day laying their eyes on a completely alien landscape. Yet, you don’t need to leave Earth to see and ride in places that may as well be from a different planet.

The Olympic National Park in Washington is a dreamscape you won’t believe is real until you’re actually there. Temperate rainforests with huge moss-covered trees, glacier-topped mountain peaks, and rugged coastlines make you feel like you’re on a primordial alien world.

Or how about Antelope Canyon in Arizona? The flowing, vividly colored rock formations — carved by water and wind over millions of years — make it seem like the whole landscape is a living, breathing thing.

There’s also Craters of the Moon National Monument for a lunar adventure, the bizarrely colored Fly Geyser in Nevada, and much more.

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10 Best Places for a Moto Stargazing Trip in America | RoadRUNNER Motorcycle Touring & Travel Magazine

Best Places for Two-Wheeled Stargazing

What’s the best way to spot a UFO? By keeping your eyes fixed on the cosmic patterns of the night sky, of course. Lucky for you, your motorcycle is your ticket to some of the best stargazing locations in America.

The scenic Highway to the Stars in Pennsylvania takes you to Cherry Springs State Park. This small but beautiful Dark Sky Park has dedicated areas specifically for admiring the cosmos.

Another great option is to cruise down US 1 to Big Pine Key in the Florida Keys. It’s one of the few places in the U.S. where you can spot the Southern Cross constellation while enjoying the warmth of the Gulf of Mexico.

At the Chaco Culture National Historical Park, you can look at the stars with the ghosts of long-gone people, while Glacier National Park is a chance to spot some northern lights in addition to UFOs.

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Where to Enjoy the 2024 Eclipse

There are more things out in space than just aliens. In 2024, we get to marvel at the cosmic ballet as a total eclipse will be visible in parts of the continental U.S. Now’s a great time to start planning your trip to see the celestial show well in advance.

One of the best places for motorcyclists to view the eclipse is Fredericksburg, TX. Not only does totality (that is, the moon completely covering the sun) last for five minutes here, but Fredericksburg is also in the Texas Hill Country, making it a fantastic riding location. Thanks to the region’s 100 wineries, you can also enjoy a glass of something nice while viewing the eclipse.

Idabel and Broken Bow, OK, are also good towns to head to for the eclipse show, both offering just a bit under five minutes of totality. There’s plenty to do in the area both on and off the saddle, with the Talimena Scenic Byway and Beavers Bend State Park being nearby.

Other choice locations for a motorcycling tour to eclipse them all include Niagara Falls, NY; Cleveland, OH; and Mars Hill, ME. Frankly, you can pick any of these places—none will disappoint you.

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Futuristic Bikes with Space-Age Cockpits

A fun motorcycle tour searching for aliens, UFOs, and other cosmic curiosities doesn’t depend on which bike you ride. Yet, you have to admit—a machine that makes you feel like you’re flying a space shuttle with its futuristic cockpit adds a lot to the experience.

The prime choice for a space-age motorcycle is hands down any 2023 Honda Gold Wing model. When you look at the dashboard with ultra-modern angular design, you really feel like you’ve just climbed into the pilot’s seat of a spacecraft.

In the middle of the dashboard sits a large, full-color seven-inch TFT screen, surrounded by the speedo, tach, and various smaller displays informing you about everything going on with the bike. The button-and-dial controls located in front of the display add to the futuristic vibe. And, of course, the whole shebang connects to your smartphone.

If the Gold Wing doesn’t do it for you, other appropriate options include the 2023 Can-Am Spyder with its all-digital widescreen cockpit, the 2023 Harley-Davidson Pan America Special whose display looks like a rugged tablet, and the 2023 BMW K 1600 Grand America, which makes you feel like the engineers welded the latest smartphone onto the bike.

Finally, if you want your entire motorcycle to resemble an alien craft, look no further than the 2023 Suzuki Boulevard M109R B.O.S.S. The bike’s curved, almost organic lines make it seem like it might just take off the road and leave the atmosphere.