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Classic Roads: Texas FM 170

November/December 2021

Classic Roads: Texas FM 170

There are plenty of excellent roads in Texas. The Three Sisters in Hill Country, ocean-view routes by the coast, and rides along the Arkansas and Louisiana borders are all great. But the one that should always be in the same conversation is the farm-to-market road FM 170 from Presidio to Terlingua, known to locals as the River Road.
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November/December 2020

Texas Hill Country: A Land of Simple Majesty

I moved to North Texas from the Midwest more than two years ago. Not having explored the state much, tales of the roads around Texas Hill Country, west of Austin, had long intrigued me. Not being a fan of solo overnight expeditions, I received the perfect opportunity to explore that part of Texas when my old college friend informed me that he and his father would be strapping their bikes on a trailer and heading down from Minnesota. They wanted to meet up with me in Texas and ride to the Hill Country after catching the 2019 MotoGP at COTA that weekend.
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November/December 2019

Natchitoches, LA Shamrock Tour®: The Heart of Creole Country

Founded in 1714 on the banks of what was then the Red River, Natchitoches, LA, is named after a Native American tribe that lived in the area. It is the oldest European settlement of the 1803 Louisiana Purchase territory. People flocked to the area, but eventually the river changed course, cutting Natchitoches off from the lucrative Mississippi River. The town adapted to this, as well as many other changes since its establishment. With Native American, French, Spanish, African American, Creole, and Anglo influences, the city’s cultural mixture is diverse, to say the least. This sounded like a perfect place for a Shamrock Tour®, so Marisa and I are taking a ride down the Natchez Trace Parkway from our home in Tennessee and then west to Natchitoches in search of American history, Cajun cuisine, and great riding.
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September/October 2019

Fredericksburg, Texas Shamrock Tour®: The Hill Country Flood!

“Idon’t think we should try it,” my wife suggests as she cautiously wades through the rapids. We are communicating through our Sena 30K headsets over the incessant rush of a river overflowing its banks. I am sitting astraddle my 2018 BMW R 1200 GS Rallye. Susan is scoping out the James River a few miles northwest of Fredericksburg, testing the waters, so to speak, before we attempt a crossing. Tropical Storm Rosa is moving into Texas, dumping nearly a foot of rainfall and overflowing the Llano and Colorado rivers along with virtually every other drainage system in its path.
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September/October 2018

City Escape: Dallas/Fort Worth

This is an entertaining and varied loop located due west of the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area. Dotted with interesting towns and land features, it also offers a sampling of several different road types from straights to sweeping curves and even a few hairpins. The ride can be enjoyed year-round, but the dog days of mid-summer can be sweltering.
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