Ride The Beautiful Texas Bluebonnet Trail

Ride The Beautiful Texas Bluebonnet Trail

Pardon my waxing poetic for a moment, but the Texas bluebonnet season is like life—it’s a beautiful affair that’s over far too quickly. That’s precisely why you should grab your handlebars and motor to the Bluebonnet Trail to enjoy both life and the flowers while they last.

The Bluebonnet Trail is a fun little romp around Ennis, TX, that takes you to rural Texas roads to see the blue beauties in full bloom. However, the route’s name is misleading.

This isn’t just one trail, but three. The Bluebonnet Trail consists of the West, North, and South Trails, which together give you some 40 miles of road to ride.

Granted, this isn’t the longest route you’ll ride, but every inch of it is gorgeous. Even without the flowers, the neon-green farmlands and trees of the area are stunning in spring.

Out of the three trails, the North and South Trails are the most accommodating to motorcyclists. They proceed along peaceful one and two-lane country roads, lined with trees and bluebonnets.

The West Trail has the best opportunities for photography, but a good part of it is in downtown Ennis and in local parks. This one’s better done as a partial walking tour.