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September/October 2020

Seven Springs, Pennsylvania Shamrock Tour: Allegheny Autumn

The old and weathered Allegheny Mountains run through north-central Pennsylvania and portions of neighboring Maryland and West Virginia. The range was once the furthest reaches of a young nation, and within the mountainsí wrinkles lie stories and tales that, like tree rings, reveal the past. History Itís early October and thereís a chill in the morning air reminding us that the riding season will soon be over.
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September/October 2019

Maryland and Virginia: Old Bay

More than 150 rivers and streams wind their way from New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, and Maryland, and empty into the Chesapeake Bay. At 200 miles long and 30 miles wide at its widest point, this estuary’s shallow waters (average depth is just 21 feet) and countless bays, inlets, spits, and sandbars can prove challenging for boaters. For decades, lighthouses helped guide the way for a young nation; the history of both can still be found along the bay’s shores.
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November/December 2017

City Escape: Annapolis, Maryland

This journey immerses travelers in Maryland’s colorful history and the tranquil ambiance of a landscape surrounded by water. The laid-back charm and coastal culture makes southern Maryland feel thousands of miles removed from the frenetic pace of nearby Washington, D.C. And there’s lots of fresh seafood to enjoy at the many good restaurants.
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May/June 2016

City Escape: Washington, D.C.

Beginning halfway between Washington, D.C., and Baltimore, MD, this City Escape traverses verdant, back-in-time Maryland countryside. Enticing byways wind through pastoral settings, along streams, and into the heart of historic villages. A stop for lunch just north of the Pennsylvania border gives riders an even closer glimpse of a charming hamlet in the Keystone State.
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May/June 2015

City Escape: Washington, D.C. - Virginia Hunt County

From the streets of modern-day Leesburg, VA, riders motor through the idyllic horse and vineyard country of historic Loudoun and Fauquier counties, VA, and also will navigate briefly into Maryland and West Virginia. This backroad ramble can be taken anytime from spring through fall but is most enjoyable during fall colors in mid-October.
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