Paranormal Activity at the Pry House

Paranormal Activity at the Pry House

The Pry House served as Union General George McClellan’s headquarters during the September 17, 1862, Battle of Antietam. As casualties mounted on this bloodiest day in American history, the Pry farmhouse and barn became a field hospital. Union General Israel Richardson was gravely wounded and taken to an upstairs room of the house. He lingered near death for over a month. With wife Frances by his side, Richardson expired in November.

In modern times, the Pry House has been of interest to paranormal investigators. Various unexplained noises, flickering lights, and screams have been reported. Most curious of all, though, have been reports of a female apparition in 19th century attire seen on the second floor. Could it have been Frances?

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Located 12 miles from The Pry House, this hotel is on the outskirts of Hagerstown, MD. Hagerstown offers a variety of restaurants and unique shopping opportunities while visiting. The town is known for it's rich history surrounding the Civil War.

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Any time of year is great for a visit, but bear in mind winters in Maryland will be cold and snowy. We suggest a ride here in the spring or fall. Visiting in the fall will add to the spooky atmosphere of The Pry House.