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Kentucky: Backroads of Appalachia

March/April 2020

Kentucky: Backroads of Appalachia

Our starting point is Pine Mountain State Resort Park in Pineville, KY. It’s mid-March, and the mornings are expectedly chilly. Marisa and I quickly find ourselves shedding additional layers of clothing as the sun warms the Kentucky hills, but as we descend into deep, wooded valleys, where the morning sun doesn’t fall, we feel the temperature drop sharply.
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January/February 2020

City Escape: Louisville, Kentucky

Escape the congested urban humdrum of Kentucky’s largest city, and motor into a pleasing rural landscape west of town. Traveling through two states, you’ll discover soothing scenic vistas, meandering country lanes, back-in-time river towns, and enlightening historical sites that help tell the American story. Spring and fall are optimal times to visit this area.
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September/October 2018

Kentucky to Idaho: Totally Eclipsed

I look for excuses to ride. Are we out of milk? I’ll be right back! Have you heard about the new breakfast joint that serves real maple syrup? Let’s check it out this weekend! Did you know a total solar eclipse is crossing the entire country? Let’s go chase it!
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November/December 2017

Kingsport, Tennessee Shamrock Tour®: Riding the Mountain Empire

Spanning from northeastern Tennessee to southwestern Virginia, there’s great touring country known as the Mountain Empire. And hidden within this region is the gem known as Kingsport, TN. This town serves as the starting point of what is now known as the Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail.
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March/April 2017

TN, KY, IL, and MO: Trail of Tears Pt 2

“Left Brainerd for the Cherokee camps … Thus we leave this place, 
perhaps never to return.” —The Journal of Rev. Daniel S. Butrick, October 4, 1839 Reverend Butrick departed from Calhoun, TN, with the Richard Taylor Detachment on the overland Northern Route. My wingman, Bob Brown, and me, however, initially follow a paved approximation of Bell’s Route west from Ross’s Landing in Chattanooga on our Indian motorcycles. Along the way to Oklahoma, we will travel segments of several Trail of Tears routes.
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