Classic Roads: Kentucky's Alpine Road

Classic Roads: Kentucky's Alpine Road | RoadRUNNER Motorcycle Touring & Travel

Heading west out of Burkesville, KY, you’ll find Rte 2276. On the map, it’s named Hill St—but it’s better known by the locals as Alpine Road. This treacherously crooked stretch of pavement traverses Big Hill Mountain which is one of the highest points in the Cumberland River Valley.

The road spans all of 1.6 miles but contains 22 corners with varying degrees of radius to keep you on your toes. After reaching the top, a beautiful bird’s-eye view of Burkesville and the surrounding countryside rewards your effort. The asphalt is well maintained and few inlet roads means you can focus more on the corners than on intersections and traffic. Debris can often be found on the road from the mountain above so be sure to watch for gravel, dirt, and fallen foliage when making your first pass. This route has little traffic, thanks to the Hwy 90 bypass around the mountain.