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West Virginia

July/August 2021

West Virginia

If mountains are magnets then I am steel. Be it the Alps or Appalachians, I have always been drawn to the folds of stone and soil, wondering what secrets lay hidden in the distant peaks and valleys. They are tranquil and foreboding at the same time, and largely inaccessible. But occasionally we are lucky enough to become a part of their vast landscape.
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September/October 2020

Seven Springs, Pennsylvania Shamrock Tour: Allegheny Autumn

The old and weathered Allegheny Mountains run through north-central Pennsylvania and portions of neighboring Maryland and West Virginia. The range was once the furthest reaches of a young nation, and within the mountainsí wrinkles lie stories and tales that, like tree rings, reveal the past. History Itís early October and thereís a chill in the morning air reminding us that the riding season will soon be over.
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November/December 2019

West Virginia: Ride the High 5

Northeast West Virginia is a treasure for motorcyclists, with mountains, vistas, and curves galore. Hardy, Grant, Pendleton, and Hampshire counties banded together to create a map called Ride the High 5 that shows all of the best roads, accommodations, and area attractions. I knew the most famous stretches of scenic roads already, but locals always know best, and thus I learned about several new roads.
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September/October 2016

Southwest Virginia: The Heart of Appalachia

What do two Canadians, a German, and an Austro-American have in common? They have all made the journey to the westernmost corner of Virginia in the middle of July to experience the Heart of Appalachia—a corner so tightly wedged between Kentucky, Tennessee, and North Carolina, and with so much kudzu, that the German needed a rest day to 
recuperate from seeing so much green.
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January/February 2016

Wytheville, Virginia Shamrock Tour®: Virginia Really is For Lovers

It’s my favorite time of the year. The main season is over, life is a little less hectic, and I have some time to take deep breaths and reflect on an eventful summer. Yes, fall is here. Gone are the humidity and high temperatures. The first trees have started their colorful transformation. 
And as leaves are falling toward the earth, everything seems to happen in slow motion. There is no better time to get out and ride.
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