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March/April 2021

Western Pennsylvania & New York, Part 2

Jeff Arpin and I continue exploring the western environs of New York and Pennsylvania by following the water. Preparing to depart Cataract City (aka Niagara Falls, NY), the fall weather is invigorating. Sunshine reflecting off the Niagara River presents a dazzling array of sparkling jewels. Road construction, however, causes us to soon forsake the Seaway Trail for a less scenic route north.
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January/February 2021

Western Pennsylvania & New York Part 1

Science tells us that around 55% to 60% of the human body is composed of water. In that vein, marine biologist Wallace J. Nicholas has noted that: “We are beginning to learn that our brains are hardwired to react positively to water and that being near it can calm and connect us …” Water, in its many forms—rivers, lakes, rain, waterfalls, canals, and streams—will be a constant companion for Jeff Arpin and me, riding a silver and blue Honda ST1300 respectively, as we explore western Pennsylvania and New York.
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September/October 2020

Seven Springs, Pennsylvania Shamrock Tour: Allegheny Autumn

The old and weathered Allegheny Mountains run through north-central Pennsylvania and portions of neighboring Maryland and West Virginia. The range was once the furthest reaches of a young nation, and within the mountainsí wrinkles lie stories and tales that, like tree rings, reveal the past. History Itís early October and thereís a chill in the morning air reminding us that the riding season will soon be over.
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July/August 2019

Wellsboro, Pennsylvania Shamrock Tour®: Among Penn’s Woods

Pass through any restaurant or transportation center in or near the state of Pennsylvania and you’ll find brochures for every type of tourist attraction imaginable: adventure parks, amusement parks, historical landmarks, wacky and wonderful private collections of stuff, and more. One brochure in particular is unique; instead of promoting a singular place, it’s for a road, U.S. Route 6, which crosses the entire state, making it an attraction unto itself. Stitching together highlights and landmasses, Route 6 generally runs along the northern border with New York.
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November/December 2018

City Escape: Scranton, Pennsylvania

Get a taste of the Pocono Mountains and savor sweeping backroads to tight curves. This loop takes you along the Delaware and Lackawaxen Rivers and through the Delaware State Forest—a perfect mix of riding and country scenery sure to spark a smile or three.
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