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May/June 2021

Southeast Oregon

The whooping sound of a Wilson’s snipe, a small sandpiper, jolted me out of my slumber. As my senses started to boot up, I struggled to recall where I was. Peeking out of my roof-top tent and seeing the sagebrush-covered hill and our dusty motorcycles, I remembered that we had a transit day yesterday, relocating from Hart Mountain to our current location, Willow Creek Hot Springs, in remote southeast Oregon. My friend John, who was asleep in the back of his SUV, and I have been completing adventure tours together for 20 years, but this trip was different. Both motorcycles had been transported on hitch carriers behind our vehicles to this campsite. After years of riding bigger adventure bikes, we both downsized to 250s, with me riding a 2017 Honda CRF250L Rally and John a 1994 Honda XR250.
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May/June 2020

Lewiston, Idaho Shamrock Tour®: A Three-State Odyssey

The Lewiston Shamrock Tour® promises diverse roads in a land of canyons, prairies, mountains, and forests. This rough country was settled by tough people eking out a living off the land, and they built roads through the canyons and high on the prairies. Their hard work sets the stage for this tour along some amazing roads with equally amazing history. Let’s ride!
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July/August 2019

Southern Oregon: Dreams Come True

I still remember looking up one day during fourth-grade recess and seeing the motorcycle go by on the rain-slicked road. Where was this rider heading to, I wondered. The rider looked free and without a care. I had fallen in love with motorcycles, but at the age of 9 the best thing I could do was to buy motorcycle bubble-gum cards. Eventually, I did get to ride on a motorcycle, thanks to a neighbor who owned a Honda CB450.
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May/June 2019

City Escape: Salem, Oregon

This loop northwest of Oregon’s state capital is a nice mix of curvy roads and great scenery. It features the conifer-rich forests that the Beaver State is known for, but also adds a coastline stretch and several interesting natural and man-made attractions along the way.
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November/December 2018

Grants Pass, Oregon Shamrock Tour®: Land of the Rogue  

He stands guard over the north entrance to the city nigh 20 feet tall, hardened arms and sinewy muscles, a mighty club gripped tightly in his left hand. He’s the Grants Pass Caveman statue, a novelty of both civic-minded businessmen and mascot of the local high school. The Caveman was birthed by a group of businessmen in 1922 who were looking for ways to promote tourism in Josephine County. One of the major natural attractions in the county is the nearby Oregon Caves, and though no Neanderthals were discovered there, the name has stuck for almost 100 years.
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