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July/August 2021

City Escapes: Sante Fe, New Mexico

Route names like “The High Road to Taos” and “The Enchanted Circle” give you some indication just how special this city escape north of Santa Fe is. Mix in some great New Mexican towns like Taos, Angel Fire, and Red River—with several significant historical sites—and you have a truly memorable ride. This escape features a variety of enticing roads that wind upon high desert vistas, through rugged alpine regions, and along the Rio Grande. It’s Southwest riding at its best, and the route is suitable for motorcycles in all but the depth of winter.
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November/December 2020

City Escape: Albuquerque, New Mexico

This day ride stretches out through ancient ruins and historic mining communities in Albuquerque. With little traffic, it all but guarantees solitary motorcycling bliss. The tail end of the route includes a ride up and down Sandia Crest to take in some astounding views before returning to the city limits. There’s also a stint on the legendary Route 66!
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March/April 2020

New Mexico: Land of the Ancients

Some of the earliest humans who migrated to North America occupied the high desert region of Northwest New Mexico. Remnants of ancient structures and other historical artifacts bear testimony to the presence of the Ancestral Puebloans, a pre–Columbian Native American civilization dating to about A.D. 100. The area also is home to present-day Native Americans. There is visual evidence of geological upheavals that occurred millions of years ago.
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May/June 2019

Gallup, New Mexico Shamrock Tour®: Heartland of the Ancients

Northwest New Mexico is home to several of the state’s 23 Native American tribes: the Navajo, Jicarilla Apache, Acoma, and Zuni are among those who reside in the region. Despite westward expansion in the late 1800s and the federal government’s efforts to “Americanize” the native people, Indian culture remains strong. The rugged and vast terrain that served as a backdrop for many Western films is a mecca for those seeking to explore some lesser-known natural wonders of the still-wild Wild West.
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New Mexico Backcountry Discovery Route: The Desert Crucible

March/April 2017

New Mexico Backcountry Discovery Route: The Desert Crucible

The purest art of creating Damascus steel, that extraordinary blade with the wavy design seen in antique knives and swords from the Middle East, is lost to mankind. Speculation suggests multiple layers of metals were forged, folded, and welded together to form a single blade of exceptional quality. Certain aspects of adventure travel have a similar effect on men and women.
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