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New England

September/October 2021

New England

It’s 2020 and the world is upside down. Life as we know it—the carefree travel, the large gatherings, the simple act of blowing out candles on a birthday cake—is over. In the shadow of the pandemic, my riding partner and motojournalist friend Moshe and I head up to New England to look for the remnants of utopias past.
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May/June 2021

City Escapes: Boston, Massachusetts

This historically themed Boston, MA, daytrip begins in the town of Waltham, which was incorporated in 1783 and is known for watchmaking. The morning section of the route visits historic locations that range from the American Revolutionary War to the Industrial Revolution. In the afternoon, you’ll get to cruise along rural lanes in pastoral New England countryside. Along the western section of the route, you’ll pass classic 18th century architecture.
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January/February 2018

Brattleboro, Vermont Shamrock Tour®: Green Days

I’ve logged a lot of miles with my wife, Meredith, riding pillion, but I’ve never seen this before: she’s back there snapping photos of a straight, four-lane interstate, as if we’re riding God’s own highway.
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May/June 2015

Boston, Massachusetts to Baltimore, Maryland: Life of Pie

Pizza is the United Nations of food, the one dining option that a group of hungry riders can readily agree upon. Burger joints are for carnivores; salad bars are for rabbits. But pizza, ubiquitous pizza, can be customized for nearly everyone.
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September/October 2014

Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont: American Industrial Revolution

When British immigrant Samuel Slater introduced the first mechanized system of spinning cotton in the 1790s, America was still an agrarian society with a widely dispersed population, but that would soon start changing.
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