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Coronado Trail Scenic Byway

May/June 2021

Coronado Trail Scenic Byway

The Coronado Trail Scenic Byway winds for 120 miles through Arizona’s White Mountains. The route is chock-full of challenging switchbacks, hairpin turns, steep grades, precipitous drop-offs, and breathtaking scenic vistas. It’s located in a remote section of east-central Arizona. This particular section of today’s US 191 was previously designated US 666, because it was the sixth spur off of the Mother Road, US 66. The route’s formerly assigned numerical identity earned it a sinister moniker—the Devil’s Highway.
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March/April 2021

City Escapes: Chandler, Arizona

Massive stands of saguaro cacti and panoramic vistas highlight this southern Arizona escape from the bustle of the ever-growing Chandler-Mesa metro area. The ride includes a stopover in a remote desert town that is undergoing a creative rejuvenation and a ride through a magnificent national monument. Because of the extreme summer heat in southern Arizona, this is a three-season ride from fall through spring. Views that extend for miles are the rule on this route. However, it’s not just about desert and the stately cacti. There are significant mountain ranges flanking most of the miles.
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Phoenix, Arizona Shamrock Tour

January/February 2021

Phoenix, Arizona Shamrock Tour

It’s been six years since Kris and I decided to relocate from Michigan to Arizona. The impromptu move was brought about by a job opportunity for Kris and my “restless leg syndrome” (meaning my inability to stay in one place for too long). With no advanced planning, in 17 whirlwind days we sold our home, our furniture, most of our personal belongings, packed up what was left, and moved west. Three days later we arrived in Phoenix with our then 2-year-old daughter Allison, a pug named Stella, a fish named Pete, and little else. Kris settled into her new job and I set about transferring my business operation from Michigan to Arizona.
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September/October 2019

City Escape: Phoenix, Arizona

This figure-eight ride northwest of the Valley of the Sun links a series of significant roadside attractions on a truly enjoyable route. A wide array of road types, including view-filled straights, ultratight hairpins, and long, sweeping corners, keep the ride lively and interesting. To cap it off, one of the state’s most powerful and touching tributes to heroism punctuates the midpoint of the route. This is a ride best taken in the spring and fall, but it’s passable most of the year.
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May/June 2019

Gallup, New Mexico Shamrock Tour®: Heartland of the Ancients

Northwest New Mexico is home to several of the state’s 23 Native American tribes: the Navajo, Jicarilla Apache, Acoma, and Zuni are among those who reside in the region. Despite westward expansion in the late 1800s and the federal government’s efforts to “Americanize” the native people, Indian culture remains strong. The rugged and vast terrain that served as a backdrop for many Western films is a mecca for those seeking to explore some lesser-known natural wonders of the still-wild Wild West.
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