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Destination:  Hot Springs, Arkansas

March/April 2021

Destination: Hot Springs, Arkansas

Hot Springs, AR, sits atop more than 40 springs with water heated by magma thousands of feet below the Earth’s surface. Native Americans enjoyed these mineral springs long before European Americans arrived. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, “taking the waters” in the “Valley of Vapors” was a popular recreational indulgence for many Americans, including the famous and the infamous.
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Arkansas: The Untamed Side of the Natural State

July/August 2017

Arkansas: The Untamed Side of the Natural State

A tawny, striped face stares at me, unblinking. The Bengal tiger must weigh almost 400 pounds, and she is only a few steps away. I didn’t know there were tigers in Arkansas. Her name is Crysta and she is a permanent resident at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, seven miles south of Eureka Springs. Thankfully, two stout fences stand between us. This is the best home she has ever known.
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May/June 2017

Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma: Riding the Cherokee Trail of Tears Part III

We pick up the Cherokee removal journey in central Missouri: “We travelled about 12 miles to a settlement called Port Royal (believed to be Waynesville by researchers), on the banks of a beautiful stream, named Rubedoo. Here we had a delightful place, on the bank of the river, convenient to wood and water. We employed our kind Nancy, a black woman to wash, and dried our clothes in the evening by the fire.” —Rev. Daniel Butrick, March 12, 1839
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November/December 2016

Arkansas: A State of Mind, Body, and Soul

My ears ring from the blast. Acrid smoke fills my nostrils and burns my eyes. That shot was the last of my powder and the Yankees are coming fast. My mind screams “Run,” but I draw my sword. It is March 8, 1862, and I may die today at the Battle of Pea Ridge, Arkansas … or so I 
imagine as I stand here where it all happened more than 150 years ago. But I am no soldier and these cannons have been cold for generations. My horse, a pearl white BMW R 1200 GS, is ready to explore the 
backroads and bountiful history of this rich territory turned state.
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January/February 2016

Western Arkansas: Up and Down in the Natural State

Millions of years ago a supercontinent drifted inexorably into ancestral North America. The resulting collision compressed and uplifted sedimentary rock, forming what is now called the Ouachita Mountains. Farther north, the same geologic forces uplifted the Ozark Plateau. Add another million or so years and travelers see streams and rivers carving out deep valleys, forming precipitous mountain ridges and pinnacles in today’s western Arkansas. This stunningly scenic terrain is host to some of the best motorcycling roads in America. And we’re raring to go ride them!
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