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March/April 2020

Clemson, South Carolina Shamrock Tour®: Reunion Ride

This story started in 1999, and it’s quite special to me. It’s a story of four friends who are more like brothers, who have somehow managed to keep riding together even when life tries to get in the way.
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November/December 2017

South Carolina: A Revolutionary Tour

By 1780, America’s war for independence from Great Britain had devolved into a stalemate in the northern colonies. British forces controlled major cities on the Atlantic coast, and the Continental Army under George Washington largely dominated the expansive interior. To break the impasse, Britain launched its Southern Strategy: British regulars and colonial Loyalists would subdue the southern colonies and then march north to final victory. Over 200 battles and skirmishes were fought in South Carolina alone, more than in any other colony.
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May/June 2017

City Escape: Charleston, SC

South Carolina’s Lowcountry is rich in history, art, cuisine, and natural wonder, and the perfect setting for a late spring or summer ride. Take in Charleston’s brilliant colors and blooming azaleas and magnolias, then saddle up for a charming ride north through surrounding small towns and forests, with a breathtaking finale down the Edisto Island National Scenic Byway.
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May/June 2017

Augusta, GA Shamrock Tour:

It’s June—high season for a motorcycle magazine. Just a short five months ago, my wife, Sarah, and I welcomed Oliver, our first child, into this world. Like most new parents, I think, we questioned the hospital for letting us take this fragile little human home just a few days after birth. Well, he made it, and so did we. Of course Sarah is the main factor in our success. She’s the one who gets up at night and constantly cares for Oliver with scarcely any breaks—and virtually no breaks with me away on this trip. When the chance for a Shamrock Tour® in Augusta arose many months ago, I was the first to raise a hand. As an avid golfer, getting to ride and play was a no-brainer. But as I barrel south for the less-than-four-hour ride to Georgia, I can’t help but feel a little selfish. This will be Sarah’s first time alone with Oliver for a whole week while I cruise, shoot, and tee off on my solo trip to golf’s mecca.
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November/December 2016

City Escape: Columbia, South Carolina

Not far west of Columbia, SC, riders encounter the outdoor recreational offerings and scenic vistas of Lake Murray. Venturing deeper into the state’s hilly Upcountry, bucolic backroads lead to historic sites recounting the state’s pivotal role in winning the American Revolutionary War. Riders also will see the plantation lifestyle, which characterized the South’s antebellum era before the Civil War.
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