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November/December 2021

Winston-Salem, North Carolina Shamrock Tour®

Moravians settled land in North Carolina in 1766 and called it Salem. Just one mile north, Winston was founded as the county seat in 1849. In 1913, they merged to create Winston-Salem. R. J. Reynolds built his tobacco empire here, and many recall the cigarette brands Winston and Salem. The city has monikers like the Twin City and Camel City, but for me this is simply home.
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May/June 2021

Johnson City, Tennessee Shamrock Tour®

Johnson City lies just on the edge of the Cherokee National Forest in the northeastern corner of Tennessee. The city is claimed to be one of the first settled areas in the state, originating in the late 1700s, but it didn’t get its name until 1856 when Henry Johnson set up a train depot that joined three railway systems. The area quickly became a hub for travel and trade. These days, Johnson City is known for its nightlife, small local businesses, and quick access to lots of outdoor activities. For motorcyclists, this means there’s a lot to see and do in the evenings, and plenty of roads to explore during the day!
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March/April 2020

Clemson, South Carolina Shamrock Tour®: Reunion Ride

This story started in 1999, and it’s quite special to me. It’s a story of four friends who are more like brothers, who have somehow managed to keep riding together even when life tries to get in the way.
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November/December 2018

North Carolina: The Great Triple-Digit Escape

It’s another 100-plus-degree day in “Middle-earth” of North Carolina. The office air conditioner is struggling to keep up as the warmth radiates from the large windows. We haven’t ridden in a few weeks due to the heat and humidity. Fortunately for us, the Great Smoky Mountains are just two hours away. I dial the boss’ extension and pitch her a tour she can’t refuse. “How about we connect some of our favorite North Carolina hotels with the best-of-the-best motorcycling roads for a three-day escape?”
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May/June 2018

City Escape: Asheville, North Carolina

A curve lover’s paradise, this loop takes you on a thrilling ride through the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee. You’ll experience a breathtaking sampling of roads, from the famous Blue Ridge Parkway and the Foothills Parkway to the adrenaline-pumping road, The Dragon. Not to be outdone by the asphalt, the scenery kicks your senses into overdrive with sprawling emerald mountain vistas around nearly every corner during spring and summer, and explosions of color in the fall.
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