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City Escapes:  Traverse City, Michigan

November/December 2021

City Escapes: Traverse City, Michigan

Welcome to the land that glaciers carved. What remains is a natural landscape of forests, lakes, the highest freshwater-adjacent sand bluffs in America, vast coastal beaches, historic lighthouses, expansive bays, and a collection of charming small towns. The central urban area for the region is Traverse City, MI, located at the south end of Grand Traverse Bay.
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July/August 2020

City Escapes: Bay City, Michigan

This route’s northern section—from Port Austin to Bay Port—offers a twisting road (Hwy 25) along the Lake Huron shore. The eastern stretch of 25 from Forestville to Grindstone City pulls back from the Lake Huron beaches in some sections of the route, but the area offers interesting lighthouses, historical museums, and monuments to explore.
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January/February 2019

Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Ontario: The Superior Trip

This story is a gift to my father, Daniel Lynn Swab, the most important person to me on earth. In fact, he’s the reason that I got into photography when I was younger. Not because he enjoyed taking photos, but because there were no photos taken of him.
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November/December 2018

Michigan: Doing the Drift

The old lumbering town of Lewiston located in the north-central area of Michigan’s lower peninsula has a unique claim to fame. Lewiston is the only town in the U.S. to host two National Rally events a year. In January, the rally crowd descends on Lewiston to turn their Subaru WRXs, Mitsubishi EVOs, and Ford RSs loose on the snow- and ice-covered backroads. In August they return again to try the routes on gravel and dirt. The promoter, Rally America, advertises these events as using “real roads,” and that raised our interest. Would these street-legal two-tracks, logging roads, and seasonal routes be a good testing ground for 2018’s new middleweight dual sports? With a Royal Enfield Himalayan 411 and a BMW 310 GS in tow, Corey, Kathleen, and I set off in early May to investigate the routes that that were used in the January 2018 Sno*Drift event. Unfortunately, the 2018 winter hadn’t lifted its grip completely in northern Michigan. Snow was still visible in the woods and, in many areas, melt runoff was streaming across the roads.
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July/August 2017

City Escape: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Enjoy a relaxing ride through small towns and farmland to the northwest before dipping south into the Irish Hills, which got its name from the Irish immigrants who settled there in the 1800s. Some of the best scenery and roads in southeastern and central Michigan are incorporated in the route. May through September is a good time to go. Spectacular fall colors make the ride most gratifying September through October, weather permitting.
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