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Destination: Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

May/June 2021

Destination: Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

Nearly every motorcyclist has gotten lost while browsing a magazine. Suddenly, we are transported to high altitude destinations, riding up and down the Stelvio Pass in the Alps or Paso Internacional Los Libertadores in Chile. Roads like these must actually be ridden to be truly understood. Though one may fantasize of pushing the limits on a rented Ducati Multistrada, the reality of facing an onslaught of rubber-necked “Walter Mittys” on BMWs speeding head-on, or tour busses occupying the full road at every hairpin, is reason enough to rethink the hotshot approach.
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July/August 2019

Colorado: A Himalayan in the Rockies

An early fall ride through the Rocky Mountains is one of those irresistible and unforgettable trips: mile after mile of stunning scenery, remote and pristine environments, high mountain passes, wildlife at any turn, interesting towns, and twisting and curving roads.
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January/February 2019

City Escape: Fort Collins, Colorado

This 105-mile section of CO-14 has become an all-time favorite over the years. Leaving Ft. Collins, the road winds alongside the Cache la Poudre River and climbs steadily into Roosevelt National Forest until it reaches Cameron Pass (10,200 ft). From there it descends steeply before flattening out on the high plains for a short ride into Walden. Upper elevations remain cold year-round, so wear layers. And with no gas stations inside the national forest, it’s important to fill up before starting.
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March/April 2018

Pagosa Springs, Colorado Shamrock Tour®: Riding “Naked” in the Rocky Mountain State

With an abundance to see and do, Colorado is a tourist mecca for good reason. While many flock to explore the beauty and rugged wilderness (whether hiking, rafting or mountain biking), we made plans to visit some of the old mining and railroad towns that sprouted up in the mid to late 1800s. All of them rely on the past to stay vibrant, and it seems fitting that we’ll be contributing to their economies when arriving on our vintage-inspired Triumphs.
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September/October 2017

City Escape: Colorado Springs, CO

This scenic loop west of Colorado Springs includes some great small towns and miles of tree-lined splendor. Some iconic mountains and rock formations are mixed in for good measure. The ride is best made from late spring through early fall. Rocky Mountain weather is, to say the least, variable, so you should pack the full range of gear.
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