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July/August 2021

Palm Springs, California Shamrock Tour®

Ya gotta love Palm Springs, CA, where the summer never dies, the architecture is retro-cool, and the town spirit is as invigorating as an iced martini. Where else can you golf in the morning, go snowshoeing in the afternoon, and enjoy a cocktail by the pool in the evening? As to riding, Palm Springs’ fabulous winter weather spells nirvana.
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January/February 2021

City Escapes: San Bernardino, California

This route takes you to one of California’s most picturesque lakes. The return leg of this twisty, mountainous escape runs along the aptly named Rim of the World Hwy. It is hard to beat the mix of forests, lakes, and million-dollar views on this short city escape. The ride may just change your perception of Southern California. The views are incredible throughout the route, and Big Bear makes for the perfect spot for lunch halfway through the ride. Due to the elevation, this is a spring, summer, and early fall trip. San Bernardino traffic is most often heavy, but the gridlock thins out nicely in the mountains. Big Bear is a popular recreational destination, though, so weekend traffic can reflect this.
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November/December 2020

California Sierra: The Glorious Roads of the Golden State

As is usually the case with larger motorcycle groups, we were a motley crew that had come together in unlikely ways. Chris and Steve were decades-old friends and had ridden and skied together everywhere. Mike was a sports photographer they knew from Park City. Rod also had a house in Park City, where he’d skied dozens of times with Chris and Steve. Roger was Rod’s best friend from high school and he was riding with his son, Josh. Fernie was a professional mechanic who had run the service department at a dealership where Chris, Steve, and I bought parts for our BMWs. We had all ridden together before—all but Mike, anyway. Each of us apart from Fernie had also been part of a magnificent motorcycle tour of Alaska. We knew each other’s temperaments, riding styles, and bikes. Everyone was riding a BMW R 1200 GS, except Mike, who had left his vintage GS at home and rented a new one from MotoQuest. Roger simply preferred a Triumph Tiger 1050.
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September/October 2020

City Escape: Bakersfield, California

This varied loop ride east of Bakersfield features a visually striking state park and a massive desert lake. It also boasts a series of great roads lined by an intriguing mix of desert plants, evergreens, and whimsical Joshua trees. Itís an escape suitable for most any time of year except mid-summer, when it can be oppressively hot at the lower elevations of the ride. Length Approximately 182 miles Meetup Spot Copeís Knotty Pine Cafe, 1530 Norris Rd, Bakersfield,
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July/August 2020

Etna, California Shamrock Tour®: Paradise Found

“How long have you been delivering supplies up here?” I ask. “Oh, about 20 years now,” replies Roger. Cora jumps in, eager to add more to the story. “Roger was a logger up in these mountains before that.” “Yeah, that’s true,” Roger says. “But I wasn’t gonna make much of a piano player.”
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