New Goodies on the Way for Can-Am Three-Wheelers

New Goodies on the Way for Can-Am Three-Wheelers

Can-Am keeps forging ahead with new things. The company recently revealed its first motorcycles in decades, but it hasn’t forgotten its three-wheeled riders.

For 2023, Can-Am will roll out new features for its Spyder and Ryker models. In addition, the brand is introducing an expanded range of customizable apparel.

The new goodies are a result of Can-Am’s recent look into its rider statistics. According to the company, 71% of the owners of Can-Am three-wheelers are new to powersports, while 40% are women riders.

“Our riders come from all over the world and from all walks of life, and we want our products to match that diversity by offering a fully curated experience that opens the road to all,” said Martin Éthier, global marketing director of Can-Am On-Road.

The Spyder F3 Limited Special Series will be dyed Mineral Blue for the upcoming year. On the other hand, the Spyder RT Sea-to-Sky will receive a Green Shadow paint job with Prosecco highlights and rims.

This year’s chrome packages will be updated to platinum packages for 2023 to add a touch of luxury to the vehicles. Additionally, the packages come with new accessions, such as floorboard lights and risers.

Riders of the Ryker Rally and Ryker Sport will be able to customize their rides with new designs for the front and rear wheels. They can also choose from a range of new exclusive color panel kits.

The three-wheelers will get a new, slim-profile driver backrest, compatible with the available passenger seat. To keep your fingers warm, the Rykers will feature heated and textured ergonomic grips with four temperature levels. For added convenience, the grips will remember the last selected level if you hop out of the saddle to stretch your legs.

Can-Am is also dipping into fashion with redesigned jackets, gloves, and helmets. The Women’s collection has a more urban style. Featuring apparel from mesh to leather, the brand says the ladies’ clothing options feature advanced materials for increased mobility and comfort.

The Men’s collection also receives new designs and is set to feature apparel that suits everyone from wilderness riders to city slickers. You’ll even be comfortable in your riding gear during after-tour drinks, Can-Am says.