Can-Am Unveils First Bikes in New Electric Lineup

Can-Am Unveils First Bikes in New Electric Lineup

In early 2022, Can-Am dropped a bomb and announced it would return to motorcycles with a new lineup of all-electric bikes to mark the brand’s upcoming 50th anniversary. Recently, the brand revealed the first two models.

The bikes are titled Can-Am Origin and Can-Am Pulse. The company states the Origin will be a “dual-purpose” bike that harkens back to its track and trail legacy. It’s intended to be capable of traversing both paved roads and rougher trails.

The Pulse, on the other hand, will be a street bike through and through. Can-Am promises a balanced and agile riding experience for a daily commute in urban environments.

Powering both bikes—and likely the entire range—will be Can-Am’s proprietary Rotax E-power electric motor technology. We don’t know the specifics of the powerplant’s capabilities yet, but Can-Am claims Rotax will put out enough horsepower and torque for highway speeds.

The bikes are set to have fast charging, sucking juice from standard Level 2 charging stations. Going forward, the Rotax engine will find its way to all electric vehicles produced by Can-Am’s parent company BRP.

When it comes to riding and handling, Can-Am says that the smooth and simple (in a good way) experience will suit both beginners and veterans. As with any electric bike, there’ll be no need to mess about with a clutch or transmission—just twist the throttle and go.

In electronics, Can-Am highlights the high-performance LED headlight. The brand also says the bikes will provide a “truly connected experience,” so the bikes will likely have good smartphone integration.

Style-wise, both bikes have a modern, angular look that takes some cues from the brand’s old motocross machines. We can probably expect them to be available at least in the showcased gray-and-yellow colorway.

Can-Am says it’ll release the full specifications of the bikes in August 2023 to coincide with its half-centennial celebration. The electric bike range is set to hit the stores in mid-2024.