Vermont and New Hampshire: The Adventures of L’Uccello Arrabbiato and The Tomato

Vermont and New Hampshire: The Adventures of L’Uccello Arrabbiato and The Tomato
Two motorcycles—an orange Moto Guzzi Stelvio NTX (L’Uccello Arrabbiato) and a red Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Touring (The Tomato)–are parked in downtown Stowe, VT …

“Yes, Tomato.”
“That’s it? They just leave us out here in the rain? They go into the cafe and get espresso and leave us here? I bet they won’t even bring us biscotti!”
“Don’t be such an angry bird, Tomato. They do give us premium unleaded, after all. And we are enjoying the trip here in Vermont, no?”
“Yes, it is very nice here. I love my new home. But it is easy for you to dismiss the rain, you have shaft drive. But look at me. I am chained!”
“Ah Tomato, don’t worry your oversquare heads. You will be taken care of.”
“Of course, L’Uccello. You are right. Look, they are coming back.”
“Ok, pipe down now or they’ll soften your suspension. I’ll race you to the hotel!”

And that is how it started. They had only met that morning in the hip New England city of Burlington, but L’Uccello Arrabbiato and The Tomato became fast friends and touring companions for a weekend getaway. They have many things in common–the same motherland, the same number of cylinders, and the same desire to see the world.

Escape to Northeast Vermont  (Allegro Moderato)

Their day starts slowly by exploring the quaint and scenic islands of Lake Champlain: Grand Isle, North Hero, and Isle La Motte. They ride alongside farms one moment and cross bridges to fishing villages the next. But L’Uccello Arrabbiato and the The Tomato want more, so they leave Lake Champlain and head east toward the beckoning Green Mountains.

First, the riders take a lunch break in Richford, way up on the edge of Canada.

“Why do they have to eat so often?” L’Uccello muses. “Not everyone has a big tank like you,” offers The Tomato. L’Uccello has a good sense of humor for a motorcycle (better than most accountants, actually) and responds, “Are you calling me fat?” They share a laugh.

Finally, into the lush green summits they go, to Jay Peak and points south. L’Uccello and The Tomato are made for these paths. They inhale each apex and roar at every corner exit as the weathered pavement twists over the rounded crest.

“Ahhhhh,” sighs The Tomato. “This is more like it!”
“Yes,” responds L’Uccello. “Very nice. Go!”
“It is a bit bumpy though, no?”
“Just be glad you are not my cousin. He is a high-strung sportbike with a stiff suspension.”
“For sure. My brother would not like these roads either. On smooth blacktop and racetracks he is very strong. Here, not so good.”
“Such a shame, as there are many more trails like this in the world.”
“True, my friend. So true.”