Southeast Europe: Adriatic Rollercoaster Tour

Southeast Europe: Adriatic Rollercoaster Tour
Europe is a fantastic venue for motorcycle touring, thanks to its astounding variety of terrain and gorgeous scenery, ability to visit several countries and cultures within a short time and distance, and its long and fascinating history.

The Edelweiss Adriatic Rollercoaster tour promises “motorcycling at its best combined with spectacular scenery and Mediterranean flair.” And it certainly lives up to its name!

My friend Rosaly and I join the tour at the starting point in Klagenfurt, Austria, a provincial capital in the south near the Slovenian border. From there we go south for a loop through Slovenia and Croatia, which offers a wide variety of scenery, climate and culture. Our group of 20 riders is also quite diverse, with folks from their 30s through 70s, including several solo female riders and even a septuagenarian mother riding pillion with her son. Nationalities included U.S., French Canadian, German, Italian and Brazilian, yet everyone speaks English well enough to converse freely, and soon we get along like a big family.

Day 1: Meet in Klagenfurt, Austria

Everyone on the tour meets up at the Dermuth hotel, which is on a hill at the edge of town. It’s a clean, cozy place with a friendly staff that speaks English well and makes us feel welcome. Before supper, tour participants and staff gather in a meeting room for orientation, followed by a meet and greet. Afterward, we walk down the hill to the on-site restaurant, where we chat and begin to learn more about each other over an authentic and tasty Austrian dinner.