Shamrock Tour® - Marion, Virginia

Shamrock Tour® - Marion, Virginia
Poring over my maps on a lazy Sunday, another rainy day in March, I felt restless. The urge to ride was almost overwhelming and I could hardly wait for the first warm days of spring to start the next tour. The winter had been long and cold, fairly unusual for North Carolina, and during those days of waiting and studying regional routes, I discovered Marion, Virginia. Intrigued by the winding map lines, the promise of their many curves, I set about planning three tours in the surrounding hills.

April 7

Watching the Weather Channel. Great news  -  finally! Better conditions are forecast and it warms up. I talk with my wife Christa. No jobs are scheduled this weekend. There's absolutely nothing holding us back.

April 19

Friday evening after business we head for Marion. Three hours later we're there and looking for a place to stay overnight. An inviting motel, the Virginia House Inn on North Main Street, provides the solution. Motor­cyclists are welcome and the front desk manager is happy to tell us all about Virginia's Blue Ridge Highlands and is very helpful with recommendations. In our room, a refreshing shower is the first order of business. Food is next. To relax our legs and stretch out the muscles in our 'rear views,' we walk (always recommended after a long ride) to our Chinese dinner at the Capitol Restaurant. We heartily recommend the sweet and sour chicken with almonds.