Ride in Luxury on the Millionaires’ Mile—Hillsboro Beach, FL

Ride in Luxury on the Millionaires’ Mile—Hillsboro Beach, FL

Seaside views, balmy weather, swanky mansions, opulent condominiums, five-star hotels, immaculately groomed greenery… It sure is nice to live like the rich and famous.

Most of us can’t (or even want) to afford such luxuries. But we can all ride through them at Hillsboro Beach, FL—otherwise known as the Millionaire’s Mile.

What do you mean you’ve never heard of Hillsboro Beach (or the Town of Hillsboro Beach as it’s officially called)? Well, I can’t blame you, since this strip of land between Boca Raton and Pompano Beach tends to get lost in Greater Miami’s urban sprawl.

Additionally, its nickname is utterly misleading. It’s not a Millionaires’ Mile, but three miles!

Those three miles on Deerfield Beach Island are flanked by the Hillsboro River on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. Sandwiched between the bodies of water is nothing short of luxury.

Hillsboro Beach has truly earned its moniker. The famous SR A1A stretching through the 2,000-resident town is flanked on both sides by mansions, hotels, and multi-million-dollar condos.

Beyond the bourgie buildings, on the Atlantic side, is a white sand beach that stretches along the entirety of the Millionaires’ Mile and beyond.

Riding through Hillsboro Beach doesn’t take long, but it’s a nice laidback stint in a quiet neighborhood with fresh ocean air. Doing so also lets you sneak a peek at the homes and lifestyles of the stupendously wealthy.

Go on, admit it. You’re a little curious.

Exclusive by Design

Now, screaming hordes of tourists have no place in a peaceful, exclusive neighborhood like the Millionaires’ Mile. As such, the area is not exactly bristling with attractions.

That’s not to say there’s nothing to see, though. If you’re into modern architecture, the glimpses of Hillsboro Beach’s ritzy manors, homes, and high-rises are a feast for even the most devoutly working-class eyes.

On the southern edge of Hillsboro Beach, you’ll find the Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse. Mariners had been begging for a light to guide them through the area’s dangerous water since 1855, but the U.S. government rejected their pleas 17 times over 46 years.

In 1907, the Hillsboro Lighthouse was finally built. The 138-foot-tall building is topped with a 69-million-lumen light, making it one of the tallest and brightest East Coast lighthouses. Limited monthly tours are available for viewing the structure.

The second local sight is the Barefoot Mail Man Statue near the Millionaires’ Mile’s northern terminus. This bronze statue commemorates the 15 courageous souls who delivered mail to the then-roadless and hazardous Miami area at the end of the 19th century.

The man depicted on the statue is James “Ed” Hamilton, the third mailman to brave the Barefoot Route, who disappeared during his duties in 1887. Although his body was never recovered, it’s presumed he drowned while trying to swim across the Hillsboro Inlet.

After exploring Hillsboro Beach, you can easily zip over to Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, or Miami and all the sights and entertainment they have to offer.

Hillsboro Beach might not be bustling with activity, but that’s by design. It’s quiet, calm, and exclusive—just like how its wealthy residents like it.

Facts & Info

Nearby Attractions

  • Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse
  • The Barefoot Mail Man Statue
  • Hillsboro Inlet Bridge

Nearby Roads

You don’t have to go far from Hillsboro Beach to find a good riding road—one cuts straight through it. The SR A1A is the only public road on the Millionaires’ Mile so you have no choice but to ride it if you want to see the area.

This road continues both north and south from Hillsboro Beach. If you’re looking for relaxed oceanside riding through barrier islands, you can’t do much better than this.

Of course, you could hop a mile or so inland to get on US 1. This 500-mile road stretches for nearly 550 miles from Florida’s northern border all the way to Key West, going through vibrant towns big and small alongside gorgeous natural scenery.

If your travels land you in Hillsboro Beach, you can sample the area’s luxuries for yourself at The Hillsboro. This four-star boutique hotel surely isn’t lacking in amenities.

Leave your bike in the private valet parking lot before venturing up to your large, well-appointed room. Make a warm drink with the provided coffee maker as you hang your gear in the wardrobe before heading out to the hotel’s private beach.

With a top-notch on-site restaurant, you’ll have no reason to venture away from the hotel. And with the pampering you’ll receive from the staff, you probably won’t want to.

Best Time to Travel

Although you’re never likely to run into huge crowds in Hillsboro Beach, it is part of the Miami Metropolitan Area which can get full of tourists in summer. As such, spring and fall are generally the best times to visit the Millionaires’ Mile. At the same time, you’ll avoid the worst of Florida’s summer heat.