Reader Ride – Cape Breton, Nova Scotia: Island Hopping

Reader Ride – Cape Breton, Nova Scotia: Island Hopping
Sometimes you have an idea you know isn’t smart, but you go ahead regardless. Sometimes it turns out you were worried about nothing. Sometimes it turns out you were dead right, but things work out anyway. That’s what happened when I went off-roading in the Cape Breton Highlands—an area best known for the paved Cabot Trail.

GPS Coordinates Map: Download Cape Breton GPS Tour File

I know there are hundreds of miles of gravel trails in the Highlands with very few details. I figured I should investigate, which is how I found myself aboard a 2014 Beta 498 RR, motoring towards the Canso Causeway at the island’s base.

I’m cold when I arrive—hours behind schedule—and it’s raining. But I head towards Judique, refuel, and hang a right down River Denys Road, where the trails start toward miles of open grit with nobody in sight. This is exactly what I came for. It’s ideal ground for hanging the rear out and tearing down logging roads—all the while looking for a campsite. An hour and a half later, I find the perfect spot—not a scenic overlook but a snowmobile camp.

The rain doesn’t quit, but I spend the night warm and dry. The weather isn’t ideal, but I make it to Cape Breton. Life is good.

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