Southwest Ohio, The Great Serpent Mound

Destination: Southwest Ohio, The Great Serpent Mound

In a remote section of southwest Ohio, a giant earthen sculpture of a writhing snake lies coiled on a cliff. The effigy mound, built by a pre-Columbian native culture, is the largest one of a serpent in the world. The mound’s combined three sections measure approximately 1,376 feet (419 m). Its height varies from a foot to over three feet and the width ranges from 20 to 25 feet. Because no human remains or other artifacts were ever found within the effigy, scientists have been unable to pinpoint its age with carbon dating.

The mound’s website adds an extra eerie aura to the Serpent Mound mystery. It recounts the sudden appearance of an intricately arranged, 300-foot crop circle in a field across the road … observers said it seemed to be pointing directly at the serpent (roll Twilight Zone soundtrack).

Find the Great Serpent Mound at 3850 State Route 73, Peebles, OH, (800) 752-2757.