Florida's Oldest Inland Town—Micanopy

Destination: Florida's Oldest Inland Town—Micanopy

Sitting some 10 miles south of Gainesville, Micanopy is notable for two things. First—and perhaps less impressively—it’s one of the smallest towns in Florida with only around 650 residents.

Don’t judge the town by its size, though, because the second thing makes things good. Micanopy is widely believed to be the oldest (still standing) inland town in Florida, having been founded in 1821.

The Town That Time Forgot

The town fully embraces its history, as is clear from its slogan: “The Town that Time Forgot.” If you’re looking for that historic small-town vibe, Micanopy is the place to be.

There’s a lot for history buffs to see and experience here. For an official, curated peek into the town’s history, riders can visit the Micanopy Historical Society Museum and Archives. The museum brims with artifacts and curiosities that illustrate life in the area, from old storefronts and postal equipment to things left behind by the Seminoles, after whose chieftain the town is named.