The Charming Village of Mendocino, CA

The Charming Village of Mendocino, CA

Perched on rugged cliffs above the Pacific Ocean’s crashing waves is the charming village of Mendocino, CA. It’s located some 170 miles north of San Francisco on California’s famously scenic Pacific Coast Highway. The village is part of Mendocino County, which lies between California’s Coastal Range and the Pacific Ocean.

In the 19th century, this region was known for its logging and sawmills, but hard times hit in the early 20th century and the area began depopulating. As a result, Mendocino County became part of California’s so-called Lost Coast.

But what was ruin to some became a haven for others. In the 1950s, the village drew in new residents, who wanted to be immersed in the area’s natural beauty. They created an entirely different kind of community. Mendocino’s Victorian, clapboard, and saltbox styles of architecture seem to be California’s best approximation of a New England village.

The village and its surrounding area are known for their microbrews, wineries, and cannabis production, which is said to constitute about a third of the local economy. Since you can’t ride if you imbibe, it may be wise to secure a room for a night (or two) at one of the village’s alluring bed-and-breakfasts.

Mendocino also has a vibrant arts scene and enticing shops. Many of the restaurants have ocean views combined with savory menus. If you’re looking to take in some great views, food, and drink high above the Pacific Ocean, Mendocino is your place.

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These modern rooms are quite cozy after a long day on the motorcycle. A garden area is available to relax in, and private parking area is available to those staying. Breakfast is provided to all guests. The Inn is near some of the areas interesting things to visit, like the Sea Glass Museum and Point Cabrillo Light Station.

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Travel to Mendocino, CA is great any time of year. Avoid the middle of the summer if you'd like to avoid crowds.