Curves for the Next 99 Miles—Lolo Pass & US 12

Curves for the Next 99 Miles—Lolo Pass & US 12

“Winding Road Next 99 Miles,” declares the famous sign just outside Kooskia, ID. Those five words tell you exactly what you can expect from Lolo Pass.

Located in the Bitterroot Range at an elevation of 5,233 feet, Lolo Pass connects Idaho and Montana. US 12 traverses this high mountain pass, stretching for roughly 135 miles as it joins Kooskia to Lolo, MT.

The road through Lolo Pass is routinely ranked among the best motorcycling roads, and for good reason. It serves mile after mile of seemingly endless curves among some of the most gorgeous and dramatic vistas in the entire country.

It’s as if US 12 was made for motorcycle riding. The turns start off smoothly, easing you into the rhythm as you begin to climb up the mountains. Gradually, the curves get tighter as the scenery around you grows more and more majestic.

The entirety of US 12 is paved and the road surface is in very nice condition, considering the altitude and the harsh mountain winters. Any sort of bike should be able to make this trek, given that it has the required mileage range.