City Escape: Nashville, Tennessee

City Escape: Nashville, Tennessee
While there’s plenty to see and do in Music City, exploring the tranquil farmland around Tennessee’s capital will satisfy the motorcyclist’s soul. The laid-back atmosphere invites a slower pace. Edgar Evins State Park serves up curves and beautiful views. Many distilleries call the surrounding area home, and they’re worth a visit every time. Spring and fall are the best times to ride.


Approximately 215 miles

Meet-up Spot

Starbucks, 620 Sam Ridley Pkwy W, Smyrna, TN

Lunch Stop

Lynchburg offers several places that dish up delicious fare. You can’t go wrong with BBQ.

Scenery (3 out of 5)

Open pastures, hilly farmland, lakes, and plenty of green is this tour’s theme.

Traffic (2 out of 5)

Traffic will be busy around the major connectors, but it will be refreshingly light once you get farther away from the greater Nashville area.

Difficulty (2 out of 5)

The route includes several turns, so it’s best to use the GPX file we provide, or bring a detailed map. The route itself is not very technical.

Road Conditions (4 out of 5)

The majority of the roads are in very good condition. Only in some parts will you find debris on the road.

Points of Interest

Jack Daniel’s Distillery
Allot at least two to three hours to take the free tour, and arrive early during peak season. It’s one of the best distillery tours and offers insight into the brand’s history and processes.

George A. Dickel & Co.
The onlyTennessee distillery to chill whisky (as they spell it from Scottish tradition) before the charcoal-mellowing. It’s slightly off the route.

Edgar Evins State Park
The 6,000-acre park features twisty roads in and around. A stop on top of Center Hill Dam is great place to stretch your legs and take in the view.

Antique Archaeology Nashville
American Pickers has been a huge hit on the History Channel for years. Visit their Nashville location for shopping or just to stop by and browse. You’ll never know who you might meet or what you might find!