City Escape: Hamilton, Ohio

City Escape: Hamilton, Ohio
This serene ride through rural America shows off the region’s beauty, and it also offers plenty of things to see and do in Hamilton and nearby towns. Country byways, Acton Lake, Miami University, and a KitchenAid factory serve up even more ways to stimulate the senses.


Approximately 115 miles

Meet-up Spot

Hamilton Welcome Center, 1 High Street, Hamilton, OH

Lunch Stop

Besides the delicious pizza served here, their location along the Great Miami River makes it the perfect spot to rent a kayak. Jimco’s Riverside Pizzeria, 2401 Carmody Blvd, Middletown, OH.


This is a rural ride. Expect lots of wide open spaces between farms and small cities.


What traffic? Backroads are mostly frequented by locals, and it’s sparsely populated.


The Midwest has some rolling hills, but for the most part this is an easy and relaxing ride, ideal for taking in the scenery and smelling the fresh air.

Road conditions

On the whole, the pavement on this loop is in excellent shape.

Points of Interest

Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park
Nestled on more than 300 acres, this park features 60+ sculptures along a paved trail. Most can be seen from the road, so you can ride through and enjoy them. You can also rent an Art Cart to get even closer. Entrance costs $ 8.

Governor Bebb MetroPark
The old pioneer cabins set up as a small village are quite popular here. The MetroPark features woods, meadows, fields, and streams on its 262 acres. Entrance fee $ 5, but free to Butler County residents.

Hueston Woods State Park
This City Escape makes a loop inside the state park and around Acton Lake. The beautiful setting, complete with campsites, cabins, and a resort lodge, provides plenty of inducements to return for overnight stays and enjoyment of all the amenities.

KitchenAid Experience
This could get expensive if you’re into the culinary arts. The Greenville retail center is decked out with all of the company’s offerings, including their special colors and accessories. They also conduct free cooking sessions and demonstrations. Factory tours are available Tuesday through Friday at 12:30 p.m. only. There’s also a museum detailing KitchenAid’s past.