City Escape: Columbus, Ohio

City Escape: Columbus, Ohio
Stretching east out of Ohio’s capital city and into the rising sun, the topography quickly transitions from flat to excellent rural hill country. The first warm days of April open the riding season, which extends well into October. Fall foliage can be spectacular.


Approximately 190 miles

Meet-up Spot

Tim Hortons, 772 S State St, Westerville, OH.

Lunch Stop

Bags Sports Pub, 88 E Jackson St, Millersburg, OH, (330) 674-0279.


The scenery quickly transitions from mediocre to some of Ohio’s best as you travel east.


Traffic may be somewhat heavy near Columbus and Millersburg but generally very light elsewhere.


Some of the eastern sections are fairly technical with a few hairpin turns and blind hillcrests. Watch for gravel from side roads and Amish buggies near Millersburg.

Road Conditions

All roads are normally in good shape with the exception of a few tar snakes and potholes.


Malabar Inn and Farm
345 Pleasant Valley Rd, Perrysville, OH. The approximate location of the inn (restaurant) is on the map, and the farm is a short distance down Pleasant Valley Road. Both are worthy stops.

In the heart of Ohio’s Amish country. Numerous Amish attractions lie to the east of Millersburg on Route 39. Traffic may be extremely heavy in summer.

Ye Olde Mill and Velvet Ice Cream Company
Just south of Utica on Route 13. A great place to stop and cool off with a cone or shake in the summer.

Village of Granville
Historic village that allows one final opportunity to relax with a cappuccino at a sidewalk café before returning to the bustle of Columbus.