Buyers’ Guide – Touring Tires

May 31, 2011 View Comments by

Touring riders expect their tires to wear like iron, stick like glue, carry a lot of weight, and not cost very much to boot! Although that’s a tall order there are a slew of tires out there to choose from so it helps to have a starting point in your search. As the old slogan […]

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ContiRoad Attack 2 Sport-Touring Tires

Feb 04, 2011 View Comments by

Folks want it all from their sport-touring radial tires, with both ultra-high performance and extended wear. To answer the call, Continental Motorcycle Tyres has developed its new Road Attack 2, which promises the utmost in traction and mileage for street bikes. These new tires further demonstrate Continental’s intention to be at the forefront of motorcycle […]

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