Alpinestars Tech ST GORE-TEX Jacket and Pants

Aug 15, 2013 View Comments by

In general, the term “all-weather” is applied far too liberally to any gear with a removable liner. If advertising accuracy were as important as, well, advertising, the term would be revised to “most-weather” or “some-weather.” In reality, no single article of clothing outside of a space suit can honestly claim to be “all-weather.” There are, […]

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REV’IT! Horizon Jacket & Pants

Oct 27, 2012 View Comments by

REV’IT is an innovative motorcycle apparel company that’s been around since 1995, and strives to make its products work well. REV’IT’s Horizon jacket has a nice stylish yet functional look, and matching Horizon pants are also available. Horizon jackets feature a new patented “Aquadefence” airflow system that consists of a special panel on each side […]

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Dainese G. Xantum D-Dry Jacket and P. Tomsk D-Dry Pants

Oct 18, 2012 View Comments by

I wore the Dainese jacket and pants on three separate tours. They provided comfortable and effective protection. The outer shell of both the jacket and pants are constructed of Dainese’s D-DRY material, developed by the Dainese Technology Center. The garments have wind-proofing and waterproofing protection, while retaining breathability for rider comfort. A full-sleeve length thermal […]

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REV’IT! Products

Aug 19, 2012 View Comments by

I brought this jacket and pants combo along for our organized tour in Peru. The last two weeks in March are still in the rainy season; I needed a suit for warmth high up in the Andes, and I needed to shed layers for desert riding. The Defender GTX combo fulfilled its duties as promised. […]

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ExOfficio Clothing

Jun 10, 2012 View Comments by

Protective gear gets most of the attention when it comes to riding apparel, but there are other clothing items that are nearly as important. Your first layer of clothing, as well as what you wear when the day’s ride is over, have special needs and deserve careful consideration. Ideal clothing for motorcycle touring, and camping […]

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REV’IT! Tornado Jacket and Pants

Apr 06, 2012 View Comments by

The REV’IT! Tornado jacket and pants maximize cooling during the high temperatures of summer, with durable mesh panels and attractive styling. The silver option also combats hot weather with its naturally sun-reflective color. Knox Flexform CE armor provides effective protection for elbows, shoulders, back, and knees; perforated EVA foam helps protects the hips. A removable, […]

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Frontier GORE-TEX® Jacket and Pants

Dec 31, 2011 View Comments by

The Frontier GORE-TEX® jacket and pants are definitely a year-round, all-weather outfit. The jacket is a fascinating piece of good engineering as well as a trendy design. It is nicely organized, with a complex yet well-thought-out system of removable liners, multiple air-flow panels and vents, pockets, chambers, flaps, zippers, elbow and shoulder protectors, and more. […]

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Tourmaster Caliber Pant

Jun 10, 2011 View Comments by

Cut from the same cloth as the GX Sport Series 2 jacket, the Tourmaster Caliber pant is a natural mate to the Cortech jacket. The Caliber pant, like the GX jacket, is constructed of 600 denier Carbolex®. Double-stitched ballistic polyester panels on the knee and saddle are abrasion resistant, while accordion-style flex panels at the […]

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Triumph H2Protec Jacket and Pants

Apr 13, 2011 View Comments by

Triumph’s new H2Protec clothing line boasts “waterproof leather.” I admit skepticism when I first heard what sounds like an oxymoron – but one ride made me a believer! The H2Protec jacket is nicely styled, with excellent quality and protective features, as well as many adjustment options that insure a customized fit. The removable liner is […]

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Alpinestars Frontier Jacket and Pants

Apr 03, 2011 View Comments by

Alpinestars’ premium textile Frontier Jackets are made for year-round use, with a water-resistant micro-twill shell to handle anything from winter storms to summer heat. Removable layers adjust for most any weather conditions; the removable GORE-TEX® liner is rainproof and there’s also a thermal liner. Two chest panels, a large rear panel, and wrist and bicep […]

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2011 FIRSTGEAR® Men’s Teton Jacket, Mesh-Tex Pants and Women’s Monarch Jacket

Jan 20, 2011 View Comments by

Take a motorcycle tour where you have to fly to your starting point and you’ll realize how bulky motorcycle safety apparel is. Enter FIRSTGEAR with the Teton jacket for men and the Monarch jacket for women – the first jackets to use the innovative D3O padding. Pliable under most circumstances, the D3O padding, which is […]

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