RoadRUNNER Supports Rider Education

RoadRUNNER Supports Rider Education

Learning to ride a motorcycle is an exciting endeavor, and starting with basic rider training is a great way for new riders to learn the ropes in a safe environment. But training doesn't stop when you get your motorcycle license. Continuous education through basic and advanced training courses ensures motorcyclists have the ability to avoid hazardous situations while riding. Everyone wants to ride motorcycles for as long as possible, after all.

Here at RoadRUNNER we love to share the gift of riding through our exciting travel stories. Our magazine also provides insight on new motorcycles and gear, and encourages safe and responsible riding when out on the road. We aim to be a valuable resource to all riders, especially those who are new to the sport.

Do you operate a motorcycle rider education program?

RoadRUNNER is an avid supporter of rider training, and we want to work with your program to assist both new and returning riders. It’s our way of giving them a warm welcome to the motorcycling community.When you partner with RoadRUNNER for rider education, you get:

  • FREE print issue of RoadRUNNER to every student who participates in a rider training course—basic or advanced! Using a QR code, students can sign up to receive their free issue as soon as they arrive at class.
  • Classroom reading materials—RoadRUNNER will give you a complimentary subscription to the magazine for your training site. These issues can remain in your classroom and be used as reading materials during class or downtime.

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