Riding Opportunities in the Southern Appalachian Mountains

You've heard us mention it before (and we might be a little biased) but riding in the mountainous southeastern U.S. is some of the best in the world. Whether you prefer twisty tarmac, the open highway, or zipping around on the trails, this area has everything you could want out of a four-day motorcycle tour.

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Riding Opportunities in the Southern Appalachian Mountains

Twisty Tarmac

The narrow and winding roads in Southern Appalachians are a dream come true for riders who enjoy a roller coaster of tight curves following gap roads, creeks, and valleys through the mountains. You’ll be carving the apex of each corner faster than a hot knife through butter. These twisties go on for miles and by the end of the day, you’ll feel like you just stepped off a boat after several days at sea.

Riding Opportunities in the Southern Appalachian Mountains

Open Highways

Southern Appalachians have plenty of open highways for those who want to cruise and enjoy the scenery at a leisurely pace. The Blue Ridge Parkway is nearby and offers spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. Several other famous roads—like the Tail of the Dragon—reside in this region too, so you can check plenty of destinations off your bucket list.

Riding Opportunities in the Southern Appalachian Mountains

Off-Road Trails and Forest Service Roads

For riders who don’t feel like they’ve experienced an area until they’ve gotten lost on a dirt trail in the woods miles from the nearest paved road, the Appalachian Mountains are perfect for you. Endless forest service roads and off-road trails splinter through the mountains and valleys, taking riders to beautiful waterfalls and vistas that few tourists explore.

Riding Opportunities in the Southern Appalachian Mountains

Do It All

If you’re riding in the southeastern U.S., why choose one type of riding over the other? If you love it all, you’re in the right place. Spend a day on the highway, a day in the woods, and a couple of days getting your fill of switchback corners.

The winner of RoadRUNNER’s giveaway will have the chance to choose the type of riding we do for this Shamrock Tour®. Our expert guides will plan your route so that you have the most fun that is humanly possible in four days of riding.

Get ready to put down lots of miles and have the ride of your life!

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