Tire Rebates: How to Save Money on New Motorcycle Tires

Tire Rebates: How to Save Money on New Motorcycle Tires | RoadRUNNER Motorcycle Touring & Travel Magazine
You don't have to spend an arm and a leg on motorcycle tires.

You need fresh tires for the best and safest motorcycle touring experience. If the rubber on your bike is starting to look a bit too slick, you should update your tires. If only they weren’t so darn expensive…

Lay Down The Rubber, Reap The Rewards

Motorcycle tire rebates can help you save money as you purchase a new set of rubber. With the rebate, the final cost of the tires can go low enough that you decide to bite the bullet. You can’t put a price on road safety, after all.

But getting the rebate may require you to be quick. Tire rebate campaigns often last for a limited time and it may take a while for manufacturers to offer them again.

Read on to learn what tire rebates are and how to get money back by buying new tires.

What Are Tire Rebates?

Tire rebates are a simple way to save some money throughout the riding season while ensuring you can ride safely with new tires. When you get a tire rebate, the tire manufacturer gives you a bit of money back on your purchase.

Generally, you will receive the rebate as a prepaid credit card—usually Visa. The tire manufacturer will mail the card to you once they approve your rebate request.

How much money you can get back depends on the company and the specific promotion. On average, tire rebates are worth around $50, but they can go a bit higher or lower.

Still, that’s money you can spend on other riding gear—or groceries, utility bills, or anything else you might like. Note that the credit company may limit what you can buy with their cards.

Tire Rebates: How to Save Money on New Motorcycle Tires | RoadRUNNER Motorcycle Touring & Travel Magazine
Get fresh rubber to your door at a discounted price using manufacturer tire rebate programs.

How to Request a Tire Rebate?

Motorcycle tire manufacturers will not give you a rebate automatically. After all, there’s not a company in this world that wants to hand you money. To get a tire rebate, you will have to file a rebate request with your purchase receipt.

Doing so is easy, though. Most tire manufacturers now offer a simple online platform for filing tire rebate requests. Even those that don’t will likely give you a PDF form you can fill out and email them.

The exact rebate request process depends on the specific company. In general, though, it usually works a little something like this:

  1. Buy a new set of tires during the campaign period. Remember to save the receipt!
  2. Log on to the tire manufacturer’s rebate platform.
  3. Fill in the rebate form and attach your receipt as a photo or digital file (sometimes the receipt number may be enough).
  4. Send the tire rebate request to the company.
  5. Wait to get your rebate credit card in the mail.

It’s that simple. Filing a rebate request takes maybe five minutes and can save you a decent bit of cash.

How to Find Tire Rebate Deals?

So, you could use new tires on your bike and the rebate deal sounds pretty sweet. But how do you find rebate campaigns?

The best places to look for moto tire rebates are the tire manufacturers’ promotion websites. They will tell you whether any rebate campaigns are active and how you can claim your rebate.

You should know that tire rebates are time-sensitive. Some manufacturers offer monthly campaigns, with the rebate amounts changing from month to month. Others may hand out rebates only once a year, or even more rarely.

You can find links to the promotions pages of the most popular motorcycle tire manufacturers below:

Shopping for Tires

Tire shopping can be frustrating, especially with continued supply chain issues. Dealers typically keep only a small stock of tires since they have limited storage space. And if you order tires, they can take months to arrive, depending on your supplier.

Shopping from a larger online retailer, like RevZilla, ensures you have the best chance of getting a fresh set of rubber to your door as quickly as possible. Keep in mind that not all online retailer purchases qualify for rebates. RevZilla is a safe bet, if you're worried about your purchase qualifying.

It's always worth calling your dealer for a quote on tires when you are shopping. Ask them if they price match, how long the order will take to arrive, and if they give any discounts on the tires if you have them mounted with their service department upon arrival.