The Ascender Custom by Ciari Guitars

The Ascender Custom by Ciari Guitars

No longer do you have to go without playing music while you’re on the road.

The all new Ascender Custom from Ciari Guitars is a first of its kind travel guitar that fits in a backpack, saddlebag or top case of a motorcycle. For riders looking for a way to blend two of your favorite pastimes, this is the golden ticket to musical motorcycle rides.

The Ascender Custom by Ciari Guitars
The Ascender Custom is the perfect travel guitar for motorcyclists who want to combine two of their favorite hobbies.

You might think to yourself “Travel Guitar? I’m not seeing it.” Well, that’s because all the magic happens behind the scenes… That’s right, this guitar folds in half, making it easy to transport in a backpack, suitcase, or motorcycle luggage. Not only is it convenient, but it’s professional level quality, gig-ready and made in none other than Nashville, Tennessee.

Here’s how it works…

A small lever actuates a gear driven mechanism in the body of the guitar that quickly de-tensions the strings from 18lbs to 3lbs, allowing the neck of the guitar to fold in half without any fuss.  This de-tensioning system allows the guitar to never be more than half a step out of tune. You can see the gears work from the back side of the guitar, through the plexiglass cover which is easily removable thanks to a magnetic retention system.

The Ascender Custom by Ciari Guitars
This folding design allows riders to put the guitar in a saddlebag or backpack and take their music on the road.

The guitar folds symmetrically in half, from a length of 35.5” to 18.5” which is small enough to fit in your carry-on luggage for airplane travel or your motorcycle side cases. It’s actually shorter than a ukulele when folded and weighs a total of 8.5 pounds which is less than a Gibson Les Paul but slightly more than a Fender Telecaster. Just by picking it up, you wouldn’t know this guitar falls into the “travel” category!

But an electric guitar isn’t much without a way to hear it play, and an amplifier sure isn’t going to fit well in a suitcase or saddlebags…

“Boss Waza Air” Wireless Personal Guitar Amplification System
The Boss Waza Air

Don’t worry, because the Ciari works alongside the “Boss Waza Air” Wireless Personal Guitar Amplification System to eliminate the need to carry bulky amplifiers. The Waza Air comes in a small travel case that fits perfectly in your travel bag or motorcycle luggage alongside the Ascender.

Take your music on the road, with the Ascender Custom from Ciari Guitars.