Stay Comfy in the Saddle with These 12 Base Layer Products

Stay Comfy in the Saddle with These 12 Base Layer Products

There’s an old Australian Military adage that goes; “Any fool can be uncomfortable.” Appropriate wisdom for motorcyclists.

After all, we’re living in the 21st century. With advancements in materials, there’s no reason why we have to be uncomfortable against the elements, whether that be cold or heat.

These 12 base layer products are about more than just comfort. They can help you stay hydrated, cool, or warm to reduce fatigue and keep you alert for safe riding.

Klim Zephyr Wind Shirt

We all had windbreakers in school. The simple tech of wind-blocking material translates quite effectively to motorcycles.

The Zephyr blocks the wind to keep you warm and, being water-resistant, also helps keep you dry. This thin layer fits perfectly under your riding jacket offering that extra layer of protection from the elements. The stretchable fabric allows for ease of movement.

Cinches at the hem provide a seal to further the shirt’s effectiveness against the wind. A chest pocket, with headphone access, grants some additional space to your primary gear.

The Zephyr crushes down to the size of a softball for easy storage. Available in black, gray, blue, or asphalt for $99.99.

Axial Base Short Sleeve Shirt

Standing as a testament to advancement in materials, the Axial Base Short Sleeve shirt is made from a mix of high-tech composites for personal perspiration management. The main body of this athletically-fitted shirt is fabricated from 95% polyester stretch and 5% spandex with high air flow body mapping inserts situated at high heat extraction points providing maximum breathability.

The moisture-wicking, fast-drying shirt is augmented by high flow mesh inserts in key areas to reduce body heat and sweating, keeping the wearer dry. The stretchable material allows for freedom of movement, while low-profile stitching at the seams, waistband, and cuffs reduces the risk of snagging, aiding comfort. Available in black for $24.99.

Dainese D-Core Dry Suit

Italian apparel manufacturer Dainese has been suiting up the motorcycle world for decades. Its full-body D-Core Dry Suit is designed to provide moisture-wicking to help maintain optimal body temperature in varying weather conditions.

Manufactured from environmentally friendly materials (80% Dryarn microfiber, 15% polyamide, and 5% elastane), the suit is 100% recyclable. The seamless suit is intended for comfort while also providing additional protection to augment outer gear, with differentiated armor padding at contact areas. It is also abrasion and tear resistant.

The suit’s structure fits firmly for muscle compression without hindering movement. With bacteriostatic, hypoallergenic, and anti-odor features, the Dainese D-Core Dry Suit is rated for above-freezing temperatures. It’s suitable for year-round wear, providing warmth in cool climes and breathability in the heat. Available in black/anthracite and blac/fluo yellow for $129.95.

Moto-Skiveez Adventure Skiveez Riding Shorts

You won’t appreciate where the tech of underwear garments has evolved to until you’ve actually experienced the support of proper underwear. As the base from which our riding gear is built, Moto-Skiveez has developed the Adventure riding shorts to provide comfort and to prevent chafing from constantly alternating between the seated and standing riding positions, as well as for movement along the length of the seat.

The Moto-Skiveez are made from a base malinga cloth, augmented with three types of foam and a silver ion-infused covering for antimicrobial and antibacterial action. The additional padding in the seat area delivers comfort against the bike’s seat, which helps reduce fatigue.

The inner thighs have padded extensions with ventilation openings to make moving on the seat easier while providing breathability for comfort. Available in black for $72.

Klim Aggressor Cool -1.0 Long Sleeve Top

The Klim Aggressor Cool -1.0 Long Sleeve Top boasts the company’s patented Coolcare, a chemical-free material that wicks moisture to keep you cool without the chemicals or polymer crystal treatments found on some garments. The Aggressor Cool shirt makes for a long sleeve base that provides cooling and moisture evaporation to keep you comfortable.

By avoiding the traditional chemicals and treatments which break down over time, Klim’s Cool fabrics provide maximum performance over the lifespan of the garment.

The stylish camo print and contrast stitching add to the look of this contoured shirt. Fast-drying, the Aggressor Cool -1.0 provides comfortable breathability and stretchability, with flatlock stitching on seams for smooth movement over the skin.

Non-abrasive neck and arm holes add additional elements of comfort. Available in black/gray camo for $69.99.

Alpinestars Ride Tech Lite Undersuit

Intended as an undersuit for one-piece and two-piece leathers, specifically designed for track-day use in both warm and cool temps, Alpinestars’ Ride Tech Lite Undersuit helps create airflow and acts as a smooth barrier between the skin and leathers. The undersuit absorbs sweat which is easily whisked away in the washable garment.

Made from 84% polypropylene, 8% polyamide, and 8% polyester, the Ride Tech Lite Suit is ultra-lightweight, providing essential moisture wicking during intense track riding, granting comfort which helps you stay focused on riding.

The suit is zipperless and seamless for maximum comfort, with a tubular fit for muscle compression and support. Available in black/red for $124.95.

Dainese Thermo Balaclava

With the Dolomites not far from the company’s design headquarters, Dainese is no stranger to cold weather riding. To combat the winter elements, the firm created the Thermo Balaclava to help keep you warm in the coldest of conditions.

The Thermo technology of the 3D material frame is lightweight and retains body heat, with additional material and padding in the areas most susceptible to the elements. Environmentally friendly construction of 85% Dryarn microfiber, 10% polyamide, and 5% elastane makes the entire garment is recyclable.

Intended for use in temperatures ranging from -4 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, once donned, the Balaclava snugly holds the head, providing warmth by ridding itself of moisture and keeping the wearer dry. Seamless construction makes it easy to pull the headpiece on and off.

Bacteriostatic, hypoallergenic and anti-odor, the Dainese Thermo Balaclava is tear resistant and anti-pilling. Available in black/red for $45.95.

REV'IT! Airborne Shirt

Offering excellent fit and a comfortable feel, thanks to its multi-yarn polyester and elastane round knit construction, the REV’IT! Airborne Shirt is stylish enough to wear into a restaurant at the end of a riding day. The stretch properties of the fabric easily conform to the body to render a comfortable fit.

The synthetic material wicks away moisture, allowing the skin to dry and reducing the chill of wind at speed. Seamless construction helps the material move across skin, preventing chafing and providing comfort.

Built-in air flow zones keep you cool in warm weather. The long-sleeve Airborne Shirt is available in an attractive dark gray for $109.99.

Klim Teton Merino Long Sleeve Shirt

This base layer long sleeve shirt is designed to wick away moisture and keep you warm and cool as needed. Made from Klim’s proprietary blend of merino wool (80%) and nylon (20%), the Teton is naturally antimicrobial, which helps prevent unsavory smells.

This also means the shirt can go longer between washing, making it a perfect base garment for riders on tour. Made to fit the wearer with a feel between tight and loose, the Teton provides unrestricted movement of the limbs to ensure the safest riding, while its temperature-regulating design provides all-day comfort.

Soft and breathable, the Klim Teton Merino Long Sleeve Shirt is shrink and stain resistant. Available in sleek black, dynamic blue, and gray asphalt for $79.99.

Arctiva Thermolite Dri-Release Glove Liners

We’ve all been there. The steady climb into the mountains, a sudden cold snap, or just heading out in winter for a ride, only to be surprised by the cold wind making your poor unprotected hands ache.

Arctiva has the solution—the Thermolite Dri-Release Glove Liners. Designed to fit inside your gloves, the ultra-thin fabric is extremely warm, and provides a snug and comfortable fit against the skin.

Frozen fingers and hands can severely affect your ability to properly operate the controls. These glove liners are an excellent, compact accessory to keep on-board as an effective base layer for the hands to ward off the cold and its impact. At $17, they are definitely worth their modest price point.

Klim Aggressor 3.0 Shirt

Another item in Klim’s line of base layer products, the Aggressor 3.0 Shirt is the company’s warmest men’s shirt. Designed to trap in heat, this low-profile garment prevents the bulky feel of layering or the frustrating piling up at sleeves and shoulders.

As part of an effective layering system, the Aggressor 3.0 Shirt is moisture wicking and fast drying with full breathability for comfort, getting perspiration away from the body and allowing the skin to remain dry. Made from polyester (93%) and spandex (7%), the shirt moves with the body’s natural bends and twists, rendering unrestricted movement for both comfort and safety.

Carefully constructed with contrast stitching and imperceptible seams, the Aggressor slides smoothly over the skin. Available in black and a dynamic red/gray for $79.99.

Axial Block Boot Liners

Second only to the hands, your feet are the most vulnerable body parts to the cold. Axial’s Block Boot Liners have a patented Freeze-Out membrane that is windproof, preventing wind and cold air from getting to your feet and toes.

The liners help your feet to retain heat by creating a comfy microclimate inside your boots. The 3D honeycomb fleece structure provides a warm and snug inner sanctum for your precious dogs, trapping natural body heat and reducing heat loss.

Anti-bacterial properties help reduce common foot odor, while flatlock stitching allows for an additional degree of comfort. The liner’s ergonomic design is shaped to the foot for added comfort, rendering it almost unnoticeable when wearing. Available for $14.99.