SPOT X 2-Way Satellite Messenger

SPOT X 2-Way Satellite Messenger

The new SPOT X 2-way messenger introduced by SPOT is a real boon for motorcycle riders. This satellite messaging device enables motorbike riders to be in touch with their family members and friends throughout their adventurous journey. This all-in-one device is easy to use and a lone motorcycle rider is no more alone, provided they have the SPOT X 2-way satellite messenger with him. You can keep your family informed of your whereabouts even from remote places.

The unique personal mobile number is an amazing feature of this device. Using this personal number party at either end can initiate communication. Even when you’re far beyond cell coverage, you can easily send text messages to his loved ones. The user will find this lightweight device very comfortable to hold.

The Bluetooth connectivity of SPOT X is another great advantage. You can use your phone to send and receive messages through SPOT X. This lightweight, portable, easy to use device has a backlit keyboard, GPS location tracking, direct access to emergency services and social media linking.

Additional features of SPOT X 2-way satellite messenger include:

  1. sending and receiving short e-mails and messages even from remote locations
  2. linking to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter
  3. GPS tracking via Google Maps at intervals of 2.5 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, and 60 minutes
  4. direct two-way communication with 24/7 emergency services just by pushing SOS button
  5. just with push of a button, you can inform your contacts that you’re fine
  6. programmable waypoints and built-in compass
  7. dedicated cell phone number for the device
  8. affordable unit cost, comparable service plans, rechargeable battery with a 10-day battery life
  9. Bluetooth connectivity

Cost and Pricing Plans

SPOT X Bluetooth Unit is available for a retail price of $250. This price is cheaper by $50 to $100 when compared to the prices of competitor’s products. SPOT offers three different service plans to the users of SPOT X. Users can opt for either annual subscription or monthly subscription. The monthly charges for each plan are:

Basic Plan – $12/$15 per month
Advanced – $20/$30 per month
Unlimited – $30/$40 per month

For the monthly plans, there will be an annual activation fee of $25.

Those who opt for SPOT X annual plan are assured better value for the money they pay to SPOT. The different service plans are also 17%-30% cheaper when compared to prices of plans offered by competitors.