Review: Warm & Safe 12V Heat Layer Shirt and Ultimate Touring Heated Gloves

Review: Warm & Safe 12V Heat Layer Shirt and Ultimate Touring Heated Gloves

Picture this—2,225 miles of open road in December, stretching from the chill of North Carolina to an even colder Las Vegas at elevation. Such a journey demanded gear tough enough to handle frosty starts in cool climates.

For my part, I wore Warm & Safe's 12V Heat Layer Shirt and slid my hands into a pair of Ultimate Touring Heated Gloves. I was intrigued to evaluate their performance compared to a brand I had previously used.

Based on my experience, here are the ins and outs, from specs to shivers, about this Warm & Safe heated apparel.

Warm & Safe Women’s 12V Heat Layer Shirt

Cracking the code to a cozy ride, the Women’s 12V Heat Layer Shirt features seven strategically placed heat zones. During my ride, they provided reasonably even and balanced warmth, covering the crucial areas of my chest, arms, neck, and upper and lower back.

In the saddle, the heat distribution was more noticeable around the neck and upper back. The stretch fabric distributed the heat nicely while wicking away moisture on longer rides.

The stretch shirt integrated well into my riding attire for discreet, powerful heating, fitting comfortably beneath a thin fleece mid-layer and my armored riding jacket. Below the shirt, I’d recommend wearing no layers or a skinny one.

Hand-washable, lightweight, and durable, the shirt is built to withstand the rigors of motorcycle travel. So far, I’m hundreds of miles in and it’s still doing good.

Packing it into the included zippered pouch was a practical convenience during travel. That said, the wired shirt’s slimline design allowed me to slide it into my waterproof tent pole bag, which gave me quick access to it and let me repurpose the pouch for something else.

The shirt requires a separately sold Heat Controller, which adds to the overall cost. Warm & Safe could offer bundled packages with the Heat Controller to simplify purchasing.

While the shirt suits various climates, icy conditions would likely require additional insulation. To date, I’ve only experienced toasty rides plugged in from 34 degrees upward while employing the shirt and gloves.

You should consider choosing the next size up to avoid a super-snug fit, as the shirt wasn’t true to size for my measurements.

The Women's 12V Heat Layer Shirt proved a requisite companion for cold motorcycle journeys, spreading customizable warmth where it's needed most.

My only nitpick is that women falling within the Warm & Safe XS size range (32 to 33-inch chest) did not match the size chart. In hindsight, choosing a Small (34 to 35-inch chest) would have been a better decision with a more optimal fit across my shoulders and better coverage for my arm length.

Still, its thoughtful design, efficient heating elements, and packable nature make this heated shirt a great purchase for motorcyclists venturing into inclement weather conditions. That’s especially so for those of us who minimize weight and bulk on a smaller bike.

Warm & Safe Ultimate Touring Heated Gloves

The Ultimate Touring gloves put out 18.14 watts worth of heat at 13.8 volts per glove. They feature I-Touch technology for touchscreen use, premium construction with drum-dyed cowhide, and a waterproof membrane. For protection, you get aramid fiber knuckles with carbon fiber reinforcement.

The gloves’ insulation delivered reliable warmth even when they were disconnected while maintaining dexterity for a safe ride. They fit my hands well with the pre-curved fingers and an elastic wrist, reducing fatigue on long rides and providing good in-ride articulation.

Similar to the Heat Layer Shirt, the gloves require you to purchase a Heat Controller separately. Once again, offering bundled packages with the Heat Controller could make buying the gloves easier.

Sizing can be subjective (although riders should aim for a snug fit) and you might need to order multiple sizes to find what suits you. Size-wise, the gloves were a Goldilocks fit based on my seven-inch hand circumference. Nonetheless, I wish the gloves were available in varying lengths, including a shorter gauntlet options.

What stood out to me was the gloves’ ability to maintain my dexterity without having to handle too much bulky insulation. The heating element kept my fingers, tops of my hands, and palms nice and warm.

Even in the rain, I could slip my hands in and out without the insulated liner turning inside out—an unwelcome inconvenience during a downpour.

Warm & Safe Dual Remote Control Heat-troller

I paired my shirt and gloves with Warm & Safe’s Dual Remote Control Heat-troller set. Its sealed, tactile on/off switch lets you adjust the heat level from 3% to full power.

The unit handles 15 amps at 13 volts. Its compact receiver measures 2.5 x 1.75 x 0.5 inches, and the control’s dimensions are 1.9 x 1.3 x 0.75 inches.

The perks of the Dual Remote Control Heat-troller started with the adjustable control at my fingertips, which let me adjust the heated apparel to optimal levels. It was great to be able to turn up the heat on the shirt while dialing down the gloves to a milder setting in the cold light of day.

LED indicators for On, Off, Power Level, and Polarity keep you aware of what’s going on with the controller. With the solid-state electronics and durable components, including the battery harness with an internal reset for overloads, I wasn’t worried about safety or shorts.

The controller’s portability made it easy to carry in the palm, pocket, or on multiple vehicles.

A few downsides worth considering include a Roast Knuckle Alert—I recommend cranking the glove settings toward the maximum with caution, as my knuckles got close to sizzling.

Another factor is the battery requirement for the remote, which uses two AAA batteries. While this guarantees operational functionality, you need to keep buying and carrying spares. Opting for rechargeable batteries would help offset this minor inconvenience.

Additionally, the Heat-troller, like other Warm & Safe products, is a separate purchase, contributing to the overall expense. I’ll say it again—I wish the company wrapped its products, including the Heat-troller, into bundled packages.

Overall, though, the Dual Remote Control Heat-troller is user friendly and reliable. Its seamless integration with other heated gear made it a valuable addition for someone like me seeking personalized and sustained comfort on the road.

Heating Up the Verdict

Warm & Safe has successfully engineered heated gear beyond the basics. Their apparel emits consistent warmth, comfort, and safety for motorcycle riders.

The shirt, gloves, and Heat-troller collectively formed a dynamic trio that kept inclement weather conditions from hindering the joy of my ride.

Although buying the controllers separately and figuring out the sizing of the ladies’ heated short were slight headaches, the performance and quality of Warm & Safe's heated gear made them worthwhile road companions on cooler journeys.

Warm & Safe Women's 12V Heat Layer Shirt
Sizes: XS-XXL

Warm & Safe Ultimate Touring Heated Gloves with I-Touch
Sizes: XS-XXXL

Warm & Safe Dual Remote Control Heat-troller Set