Review: Schuberth E2 Helmet

Review: Schuberth E2 Helmet | RoadRUNNER Motorcycle Touring & Travel Magazine

Two years ago, I followed a friend into the Kentucky hollers for a “dual sport” route he came up with. It ended up being more of a hard enduro ride and we got more adventure than we bargained for. The deep ruts and streams, slick mud, and quite a bit of rain all contributed to less than ideal riding conditions.

I sported a Schuberth E1 helmet and was extremely grateful to be able to flip up the chin bar to get some air. Still, it remained mostly closed due to the rain, and I wished I had more ventilation in the helmet. Well, that and a proper skid plate—but that’s another story.

If you liked the E1’s peak visor with a memory function and the upgraded comfort of the C5, then the E2 might be for you. The second generation adventure lid is essentially the C5 with a peak visor and more ventilation.

Convenience and Comfort

Besides the added airflow, I was most excited about the new locking mechanism that holds the chin bar up. With thousands of miles on my E1, I must have fatigued the hinges. One of the main reasons I prefer a flip-up is the convenience when taking photos all day. Constantly opening and closing the chin bar eventually resulted in it staying up only loosely.

The new E2, on the other hand, stays firmly in place thanks to the locking mechanism. While on the subject of staying in place, the visor can be set to three different positions and when you open and close it, it will return to your set position. I chose the highest one—too far down and I couldn’t see the blue sky anymore. That would be great when riding into the sun, but for normal riding, I prefer to have a wider field of view. Just be aware that you’ll lose your top peripheral vision when glancing down on your dash, for example to check your GPS. Thanks to Schuberth’s helmet expertise and wind tunnel testing, the visor doesn’t catch air. I never felt my head pulling one way or another due to the visor. Remarkable, really.

The supremely comfortable interior can be customized with individual pad kits. I use thicker cheek pads for my medium size. For talking with your riding companions, the optional SC2 communicator installs with a simple plug-and-play design. Based on the Sena 50S system, it features Mesh 2.0 technology, which means you can connect to other name brand communicators as well.

The many features of the E2 make it a great option for long days in the saddle. It’s versatile enough to protect you on your rides, whether they’re on the pavement or in the dirt.

Schuberth E2

Solid colors: $799
Graphics: $899
SC2 Communicator: $349