Review: REV’IT! Sand 4 H20 Suit

Review: REV’IT! Sand 4 H20 Suit

The REV’IT! Sand 4 H2O suit is a multi-season outfit meant to fall in the catalog between the time-tested Poseidon 3 GTX and the relatively new Offtrack2 H2O. I wore the Sand 4 H2O for a seven-day, 1,000-mile ride through Colombia.

The journey included a virtual smorgasbord of climates. It was hot and dry, hot and wet, cool and breezy, cold and damp, and just plain damp—and often these weather conditions occurred in a single day’s ride.

For that, the Sand 4 H2O was ideal. The suit was light enough for long distance ADV riding, but sufficiently durable to give good protection in a fall (I tested this the old-fashioned and painful way).

When zipped up, Sand 4 H20 kept me toasty at 45 degrees, while remaining cool enough to be comfortable at 85 degrees.

The pants, which connect to the jacket with both a short and a long zipper, feature two deep waterproof pockets and two long vertical zippered vents with inside snaps to hold them open. The waist snaps shut and has two adjustable belts to fine-tune the fit, mirrored by two that adjust the fitting below the knee.

A drawcord cinches the bottom of the jacket closed. The legs close with a zipper and hook-and-loop strips. Laminated reflective strips on the legs and back should increase nighttime visibility.

The jacket similarly has two deep waterproof pockets and two vertical zippered vents on the chest—with two on the mesh interior, too—as well as long zippered vents along the upper arms and two more along the upper back. A storage pouch at the small of the back is also waterproof. The zips all have easy-to-grasp tabs.

The adjustable, fleece-lined collar snaps close or fully open for better ventilation. There are laminated reflective strips on the back and upper arms, as well as multiple places to attach accessories or a Segur neck brace and reflective vest. The jacket adjusts with a belt at the waistline.

On both the pants and jacket, the linings are easy to install. The waterproof jacket liner can be worn separately.

The suit is sold with Seeflex CE-level 2 knee, shoulder, and elbow protection (and is prepared for optional chest and back protection) and with detachable thermal and waterproof liners. Both zip in easily and do their job admirably.

As a nit to pick, the Sand 4 H2O jacket, like the Poseidon 3 GTX I wore during two ADV trips to Iceland, has only one main zipper. That means the zipper cannot be raised from the bottom to allow more comfort and freedom of movement at the waist area. There were times, on longer rides and hotter days, when this feature would have been helpful.

REV’IT! Sand 4 H20 Suit

Jacket: $549.99
Pants:  $399.99

Both are available in sizes XS-4XL in black, silver/black, or camo brown. The jacket is also available in silver/hi-viz yellow and silver/blue