Review: REV’IT! Expedition GTX Boot

Review: REV’IT! Expedition GTX Boot

REV’IT! has always marched to its own beat, blending high-tech riding gear with fashion. Many riders prefer a more subtle look while riding without sacrificing comfort and safety. Personally, I like a more casual style, because I’m always swapping between different types of motorcycles—cruising on an Indian one day, exploring dirt roads on my Husky the next, and then a spirited ride on the Gold Wing with my bride to our favorite restaurant in the mountains. It’s nice having one set of gear for all occasions, especially when the cost of each piece approaches $1,000. I’ve seen helmets, jackets, and pants around that mark, but the Expedition GTX boots are the newest item to ask for a lot from your magic plastic card. Let’s just hope gloves won’t ever cost that much.

The other boots on my shelf include Sidi, Alpinestars, and TCX. They are all fantastic boots, but after slipping into the REV’IT! boots for the first time, the others quickly collected dust. Besides the aforementioned go-with-anything look, these boots hit all the checkboxes: waterproof, easy to walk in, extremely comfortable, and safe.

Casual Yet Technical

One of the main reasons I prefer these boots is the Boa fit system. The oversized pull strap on the back makes it super easy to get your foot in. A simple turn of the knob snugs it up perfectly. Close the front part with the thick protector via velcro and it’s go time. I can hold my breath, bend down, and get both boots on. I have to stand up and get some air when putting on boots with half a dozen straps and buckles. Taking the boots off is as easy as pulling the knob to loosen the straps and stepping out. I really like the thickness of the shin protector. It’s thick, but I can still slide all of my riding pants over the boots—except the tight riding jeans.

REV’IT! makes the insoles sound like they’re a suspension system with all the rebound and compression characteristics. Ultimately, the OrthoLite X40 insole does live up to the lofty claims. The boots are comfortable to walk in, even longer distances, partly because of the cushioning the insoles provide. The open-cell PU foam is 95-100% breathable. This is important as GORE-TEX fabric indeed makes these boots waterproof, but they tend to get a little warm inside. I did not suffer from trench foot, however, unlike some of the other waterproof boots in my garage.

The only thing the Expedition GTX shares with other boots is the squeak. Fortunately, a little silicone spray takes care of that and you won’t turn heads everywhere you go.

Sizes: 39-47
Color: black/gray
Price: $899.99