Review: Mosko Moto Basilisk and Ectotherm Jackets

Review: Mosko Moto Basilisk and Ectotherm Jackets

Warm and Dry

Mosko Moto is branching out with apparel after seeing success with their soft luggage systems. The Basilisk jacket is a third-generation quality jacket ideal for on-road touring and dusty excursions. The minimalistic look makes it easy to pair with just about any type of motorcycle. Waterproof claims are supported by incorporating eVent Expedition three-layer fabric with Direct Venting technology. So far, it has kept me dry in a few drizzles.

The construction of the neck collar will reveal how much water the jacket keeps out, though, as it’s on the loose side. I would like to see a tighter fit with a collar that’s a little taller. Two pockets on the outside and two on the inside is all you get. Perhaps Mosko Moto wants you to complement the look with some matching luggage pieces. I really miss having a pocket on my left lower arm for things like ear plugs and a credit card.

If you’ll be hitting the trails, make sure to wear some properly fitting armor underneath. The jacket is roomy enough to accommodate an Alpinestars Bionic Protection Jacket. I like the super fabric the most, as it covers a substantial part of the jacket, prone to massive abrasion in case of a slide.

The jacket is well ventilated, and sporting the Basilisk during a woods enduro in February kept me both warm in the morning and comfortable as the mercury climbed. The dirt skirt on the inside is a welcome feature. Besides keeping dust out, it also gives it the illusion of a well-fitting jacket even though it’s quite baggy. When I first got the Basilisk, it was on the stiff side. The same can be said for the waterproof YKK zippers, which required quite a bit of a break-in period.

I often pair the Basilisk with the Ectotherm Insulated 12v Heated Jacket. It’s a stylish puffer jacket that offers 42 watts of heat you can turn on by plugging in the included coax cable. Even at size L, the Ectotherm is a very form-fitting jacket, making it ideal to use under the Basilisk. The only trade-off is protection. I can wear the Ectotherm or protectors, but not both. If you’re planning on being both warm and armored, make sure to size up the Basilisk for the insulating layer.

As the Basilisk-Ectotherm combo packs down so small, it’s my current go-to for fly-and-ride trips. Plus, both can be worn for more than just motorcycling.

Mosko Moto Basilisk Jacket
Sizes: S-2XL
Colors: Copper, Nightfall, Lichen

Mosko Moto Ectotherm
Heated Jacket
Sizes: S-2XL
Colors: Bering Sea, Lichen